Because I can

Welcome everyone, it’s time for my weekly blog post!

Oh wait. I haven’t written in, like, 3 weeks.


Well, I do have some reasons (like a trip to Georgia) why I haven’t been able to keep up as regularly as I wanted these past couple of weeks. But in the midst of trying to figure out a good explanation to post for why I haven’t been writing, and trying to figure out what to write about in the first place, I came up with this conclusion:

I write because I can. Because I love it. Yes, it would be awesome if I weekly wrote amazing, profound, witty blog posts that tons of people read. But honestly, I probably won’t. I’ll have the weeks (like lately) when I don’t keep up with my goal of writing one post a week. I’ll have the weeks where I have no idea what to write.

But hey, I started a blog because I like writing. And it’s a place for me to write and to be real. So I’m probably not going to write a lot of “perfect” posts. Some of these are probably going to be disjointed and random and may not make much sense. But I’ve decided, I’m just gonna throw all of the expectations out the window, throw myself into the writing, and just use this blog as a place to be REAL. Because I can.

So here’s my random post. It’s not written on my weekly schedule. It probably doesn’t make much sense, and it is definitely all over the place. But guess what? It’s something I got to WRITE. It’s a place I got to be REAL. And writing, and being real, and being me, and discovering myself through blogging…those are kinda priceless. If people enjoy taking that journey with me, that’s great. If you’re one of those, come on and enjoy the ride. Just be warned it may not always be predictable, regular, or expected.

‘Cause I’m not either.

Thank you for reading my random thoughts. Thanks for putting up with this post. I hope you come back for more.

P.S. I dyed my hair auburn today.


Starting small

Just a bit ago, I Facebooked/Twittered the following status:

“I want to write more, and establish a non-profit, and help people who are hurting, and maybe somehow change the world.”

A few days ago, a tiny inquiry began to roll around in my head. I have started wondering and hoping and praying over the simple question: Do the small things really make a difference?

And then pondering: What if I lived as though the small things made a difference? What if there were small things I did daily that could, somehow, change things…change a person?

So I decided to do something tonight. I decided to take a small step, and write a small blog post, and go from there.

Let’s see if it makes a difference.

Suggested Schedule

As I mentioned in my last post, I believe it’s time to attempt stepping back into the blogging world. In an effort to help me do this, I am contemplating the following schedule (and yes, I like alliteration, so prepare yourself!):

M&M Mondays

On Mondays, I plan to write about one of three things: memories, music, or movies. Originally I had planned on writing only about memories I have, but to give myself some leeway I’m also leaving it open to cover any music or movies currently on my mind.

Totally Topical Tuesdays

Tuesdays are my days to take a topic and, well, write on it! This means anything is open for exploration, and you’ll get my opinions, thoughts, ideas on a specific topic for that day.

Wordless Wednesdays

On Wednesdays I’m considering simply posting a picture. Granted, I will probably be compelled to explain/describe it with a caption or something, so I suppose it might not be a truly wordless Wednesday…but that’s the general idea.

TheUpdate ThUrsdays

Thursdays can be my day to update you on the general happenings of my life. Since I know my life is VASTLY (not) fascinating, I’m sure this will be a favorite for all of you. (Ok, totally just kidding; but occasionally someone wants to know the developings of my life, so I had to find a place for it somewhere.)

Free Fridays

You guessed it! Friday I get to write about whatever the heck I feel like. This even means — gasp! — that I may choose not to write at all. So on Fridays keep an eye out to what random things I do (or don’t) write about.

Scattered Saturday/Sunday OR Wacky Weekends

Not sure if or what I will write over the weekend, but it will probably be pretty free and nothing scheduled.

So there you have it! This is my proposed schedule. I probably will not commence the schedule until this coming week, so feel free to throw out ideas of changes, alterations, thoughts, or anything you’d like to see added. I’d love your feedback! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great week.

Coming (again) soon

It’s true.

Life took over and suddenly left very little (and I do mean very little) time for blogs, reading or writing them. Yes, it is a sad fact. I was almost too busy to miss it (I did say almost), but it has been on my mind again lately. Considering I got a special note from my dear friend Olivia, I decided it was about time to step back into the blogging world.

I can’t say I’ll be consistent. I can’t say you’ll love everything (or anything) I write. But I am going to start writing again, and I also hope to get back into keeping up with others’ blogs as well.

In my quest to get back into blogging, I have considered starting a blogging schedule where certain days of the weeks I write posts about certain things. Perhaps an outline to get me on track and keep me going. Any thoughts on that idea?

I hope all of you are doing well. Yes, I have missed all of you. And yes, I have missed my little pencil.

Back to Texas and the blogging world

Guess what? I have returned to the world of internet access! Woo-hoo! *Does a little dance (one with better dance skills than she actually possesses. Hey, this is the internet world where reality can be suspended. Anywho, back to the dance)*

My mom and I had a great time in Georgia. I got to do some reading and sleeping in, which was nice. And of course, eating sweets and fried chicken and pecan pie! (30 Day Shred, I will be coming your way again soon.) It was a good time with my grandparents since they’re at the age where we’re never sure if one or both will be there when we visit again. Also, they¬† pretty much sit alone in their little house all the time, so I think it’s nice for them to have entertainment.

Yesterday my mom and I flew back to Texas, and it was nice to be home. Today I actually took some time to clean the house for my mom, since she and Dad are really busy with stuff for their organization. They’ve been traveling so much that she hasn’t had time to clean lately, so I wanted to help out. It’s nice to feel like I can contribute to their work in some small way, and the glow on my mom’s face when she saw the house was worth it.

This coming weekend, I’ll be going with my family to my university’s homecoming weekend. It’s my dad’s 30th reunion, so it will be a special visit for him. Also, I’ll get to see my sister and several of my friends, so I’m looking forward to that; and I also hope to go by and visit the kids at the children’s home.

Hopefully I’ll get to write a blog post during this weekend, but don’t worry, if not I promise to provide a riveting summary of it on Monday.

Love to you all! I’m excited to start keeping back up with your blogs again.

Oh, and I glanced at my stats today. The most interesting search phrase that led to my blog: “How Miley Cyrus holds her pencil.” You’ve got to be kidding me. Who even wants to know that? (Well, obviously the person who wrote that, but still, that’s crazy.) Glad to know my blog can contribute (in absolutely no way) to that fascinating question.

Of all the topics I might choose

After my last post talking about regrets, I pondered what to write next. I pondered a cute and funny post to offset the seriousness of the last one. I thought about a hopeful, inspiring post to assure readers I wasn’t completely depressed. I mulled over posting a random topic, like my thoughts on a movie or on some trending issue. I considered telling a story from my childhood, or passing on some life lesson I have learned post-college. I have finally been able to keep up better with following others’ blogs, so I have tons of food for thought. And in the end, I could not settle on an idea to write about. Except, obviously, to tell you all the things I considered writing about but (also obviously) did not.

At this point in the post I was going to segue into recounting other interesting happenings in my life or at least into some witty ending. Alas, I can think of nothing. Really all I am doing is sitting on my couch, watching Criminal Minds, listening to the swishing of my washing laundry, and occasionally texting Scott. Tomorrow I get to wake up early, drive to Abilene, attend a doctors appointment, see my sister and other friends, and come back on Saturday.

And for the moment, that is the extent of the interesting things I can recount to you, and this is the wittiest of all endings I can come up with.