The things that get you through the day

The last couple of nights I’ve been having a hard time getting decent sleep. So the sleep-deprivation was building, which of course affects my mood, energy, etc. In sum, it sets the stage for some rougher days.

But today, even though it wasn’t the easiest day and there were some rough (even some dark) patches, these are what got me through the day:

  • Coffee, coffee, coffee! And I mean each of those words literally, because I had three cups of coffee. Those gave me the energy to make it through the morning.
  • Sonic run at lunch. I was starting to feel kind of down, and decided I needed some time to myself. So I took a drive to Sonic, listened to some music, got a LARGE Diet Dr. Pepper and a small fries to munch on. I returned to campus and sat in my car for a bit, and even leaning my chair back to close my eyes and rest before work.
  • A better, calmer mindset after lunch and the ability to get some more projects done. And of course the girls in my office who make me smile.
  • 30 Day Shred, Level 2!!! That’s right, I hit up a kick-butt routine. I came home and was struggling more with just feeling “blah” and tense inside. But tell you what, that workout knocked it right out of me. It was such a relief to physically tell I was feeling better.
  • Getting to watch So You Think You Can Dance while eating yummy fiber cereal. It was awesome

Well my sleep medicine is kicking in, so now I’m excited to head to bed. But just wanted to share these things in my day. Every good and perfect gift is from God, and I worship him for blessing us with the little things to make it through these days.

PS – Oh, I forgot to mention the awesome new To Write Love On Her Arms shirt that I ordered…and arrived today! Check out a full pic of the shirt and others like it HERE.


From my couch

Today I have spent most of my time sitting on my couch with a laptop in my (where else?) lap. (Seriously, if you held it somewhere else they’d have to call it a somewhereelsetop, and that doesn’t sound as good.)

I woke up a little before 9 instead of before 8 like I meant to. Of course I blame this on the rainy, gray day which somehow tells my body that sleeping till 10:30 is perfectly fine. I finally got up, walked to my couch with my basketball shorts and t-shirt and no makeup, plopped down…and went to work.

In short, I worked from my couch today.

Two reasons for this: it’s a gray, rainy day (as mentioned previously) and I didn’t feel like going outside to work; and no one else would have been there. Two people (my boss and his wife) are on a trip and the other couple will also be gone today and tomorrow. So instead of going to sit by myself in a big dark building I decided to work from home. Basically, most of what I do is all done on my computer. Since I can’t move forward on much of the video-editing projects right now, everything else could be accomplished quite nicely from my laptop.

I have, however, accomplished about as much as I can today. Seriously, some things have to be left for tomorrow or I won’t have anything to do then! So I feel productive, but at the same time I feel like I’m at a loss since I’m waiting on a lot before figuring out how to move forward. Some things I just don’t know enough about to do. Of course then I wonder if I’m just taking a lack of initiative and I could figure out other things to work on if I wanted. Oh well. I do what I can. It’s not like I can’t work a few hours on Saturday to make up for today if I figure out what else to work on.

So, for now, I’m still sitting on my couch. Maybe I’ll watch tv?

PS – I have heard the baby goats bleating around my little house all day. Cute or annoying? I haven’t decided, although I learn towards the former.

First day

This will be just a quick post on my way off to bed. Today began my first day at my new job. It’s hard to summarize, but basically I will be working as a project manager for my parents’ missions organization. My dad is contracting a couple that I’m staying with to do these projects, and I’m the advocate/consultant to make sure things are accomplished. I have several goals and projects that I’ll need to make sure get done, which also involves pulling in others when I don’t have those skills to complete the project.

I’ll share more on my basic job description…as soon as I continue to understand it better myself. 🙂

I was going to try to explain other things, but my brain is kind of having a hard time processing and outputting. Suffice to say I’m working with some great people through a nonprofit organization based off a farm that resides in the Middle of Nowhere, TX. It’s awesome and pretty out here. 🙂 (There’s not really a place called Middle of Nowhere, but if there were, it would be here. Actually we’re near a couple of towns and about an hour from Waco, TX, if you know where that is.)

I’ll do my best to continue in my oath to be a better blogger. So how is your week going? What are the challenges and new experiences you’re facing?