Precious relationships, past to present

I got the joy of enjoying several relationships that are precious to me over the weekend. First, I got to see one of my very best friends from college get married to a wonderful guy. Then Saturday and Sunday, I spent time with family members. Both of these things made me feel very blessed and reminded me of the importance of relationships.

Christina was one of my best friends from college. There was a group of six or seven of us who were all really tight throughout the 4 years of college, and we all hung out a lot together. Three of these girls have all been married, the earliest wedding being in 2005 and the latest being last December. This was “our” fourth wedding, and I was honored to get to be a part of it as the videographer/bridal attendant. It was so fun being in with Christina as she got ready for the wedding, to watch her walk down the aisle, to video the ceremony, to see the wedding party’s excitement as they gathered in the bridal suite right after the ceremony finished, to celebrate with them during the reception, and finally to see them off on their honeymoon. And as an extra special ending to the evening, I was so excited to get to catch Christina’s bouquet! 🙂 Making it even more special was getting to see, visit, and catch up with the other girls I hadn’t seen in a while: Kirstin (Christina’s matron of honor), Kelsey, Rachael, and Melissa. Of course other friends were there, like LaShay and Matt, so it was a wonderful evening overall.

Me and Christina at her wedding

Me and Christina at her wedding

Saturday and Sunday I got to spend time with family. I was there visiting with my parents and sister, of course; also in visiting that week was my aunt Eloise (visiting back in Texas from Massachusetts) and my uncle Stan and his family (who were visiting America for a month or two from Asia). My cousin Jenny was in town as well from where she practices law in San Antonio.  We got to have meals together and times just talking and laughing. It was good to be with family, quirks and all. I’m blessed with all the memories I have of my family. For example, I spent a lot of time with my younger cousins when they were all babies, toddlers, etc. I have changed their diapers (which I’m sure they appreciate me reminding them of), and now every single one of them is a teenager and taller than I am!

My sister and me with our younger cousins.

My sister and me with our younger cousins.

The weekend basically reminded me of the importance of relationships. There are some people in your life, both friends and family, who have irreplaceable places in your heart. Months or even years may go by, yet sometimes you can pick up with them again just like you’d seen them yesterday. There is a closeness that never loses its impact between people. When you have been an important part of someone’s life, that influence can never be erased. Somehow, you always have a bond. I’m blessed to be bonded to some pretty incredible people, both friends and family. So, to all of those special people in my life, I just want you to know I am thankful for you. Thanks for being a part of my life up to this point, for contributing to who I am; and know that I’ll always love you.


I heart Sundays with my sister

Have I mentioned I have the most awesome sister ever? Her name is Lindsay. And she’s pretty much amazing.

Me and Lindsay at a younger age :)

Me and Lindsay at a younger age 🙂

I got to see my dear friend Jenny get married yesterday to an awesome guy named Andrew. It was so sweet to be at their wedding; Jenny has been such a dear and sweet friend to me over the past couple of years. I’m so happy for her! I had to leave the reception early, but fortunately it was for a good reason – I picked up my lil’ sister! She just got back from a May-term trip to Native American reservations in Arizona (I know, cool, right?). We had a lovely moment when we got in the car, turned and looked at each other, grinned, and exclaimed “Lindsay!!” (me) exactly at the moment she exclaimed “Katy!!”

So we got to come home last night and chill together. I got to hear all about her trip, and we caught up on other small matters. Then we mostly watched TV and hung out. Sound boring? But it’s not, because we did it as only we can. (It’s true. We make up our own unique kind of interactive atmosphere. No one else can compare.)

This morning we got to go to church together, which is always awesome. I love getting to worship with my sister! The worship time was amazing and refreshing – absolutely wonderful. And the sermon was both encouraging and challenging. We both left in great moods and came home to eat lunch.

Since then we’ve been chilling. It may sound like not much, but it’s been great. We’ve watched some shows together, sat side by side on our respective laptops talking to other people online…yeah, it’s been great bonding time. But seriously! It has. Cuz we keep laughing at each other and saying random things, the awesome and witty comments that only we can appreciate the most because we get each other’s sense of humor.  So it’s been a rather nice, relaxing day, all the better simply because we spent it together.

Random facts:

  • I cannot swipe a credit card into the Sonic card reader with my left hand. I tried 3 times. Something about the timing/angle I manage with my left hand does not work. Only with my right hand did the card slide in just right to be accepted. Crazy.
  • I finally bought the little white-powdered donuts I have been craving for the last day and a half.
  • Awesome quote by my sister – “Deodorant: It’s like food for your armpits.”