What’s Your Type?

Whats Your TypeDo you have a Type you like…in a blog post?

Let’s be honest: there are a ton of blogs out there. They all have a style, a “type” of post they publish. And I certainly have several styles I can write–and have written–in.

Call me curious, but I would like to know what YOU like. What’s your favorite “type” of post? What do you connect with most? What is most helpful to you? Let me know with this brief SURVEY.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! And I will happily share the results.

Do you have more thoughts to share that aren’t in the survey? Want to discuss more types of posts? Leave me a comment!


Survey on social networking

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since a post, I know, but I wanted to put this up and ask a favor from all of you AMAZING people. My awesome sister Lindsay is a senior in college and is doing a survey for her class about social networking. Since I know how socially connected all of you are 🙂 it would mean a whole lot to her and me if you could take a sec to fill out the survey.  Below is her invitation to the survey:

Hey friends!
So I’m in this research class, and I need people to take this survey about online social networks like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. It shouldn’t take too long. The more people I get to take it, the more extra credit I get, yay. ( I need 15 ppl for one point.)Also, if you could put my name (Lindsay Parks) in the last question when they said, who asked you to take this?, thanks!! And we are closing the survey in 9 days.
If y’all could take it, I’d really appreciate it! Especially since it’s stuff about Facebook, etc…and you know you are already on it 🙂
So I also just want to say, even if y’all don’t take the survey or send it on, I’m still glad that I know all of you guys! 🙂
And on the plus side, we will probably publish this research, so you could be in a journal article, yay 🙂

The link to the survey is:


Thank you so much again!