“To live a creative life…”

For a while, I forgot I had a Pinterest. Yes I signed up way-back-when when all my girl friends were first getting on it; I pinned a few things and promptly forgot about it. After all, I wasn’t really very good at the DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, crafts, wedding planning, or cooking stuff that all my friends seemed to be so zealous about sharing.

And then I read this post by Jeremy Cowart. When I looked at the type of boards he had, I thought, “Hmm…that looks more like something I could do.”

So I went back to my account on Pinterest. I was planning on writing today, but then I got caught up in this totally different kind of creative expression. I began thinking about the kinds of things I liked. I didn’t have all the “crafts and cooking” boards my friends loved, but I could post about books, music, quotes, dance, cool photos, art, travel, and other interests I had. I even have a board that just shows random things about me. And in the process, I even found myself pinning about home decor, clothes, hair, and other things I never thought I’d be into! (Who knows, maybe I’ll start a crafts or cooking board yet.)

I spent most of the afternoon thinking about my creative interests and how to express them. While I didn’t get around to any of the writing I had planned, I did get a chance to put some thoughts into another creative outlet: Pinterest. And guess what? However you do it, it’s fun to express yourself.

If you were creating a collage of your life, loves, and interests, what would it look like? I challenge you to find new ways to show off your inner self!

Let’s talk: What do you think of Pinterest? What’s your best medium for creative expression? Leave comments, and let us know!

Also, if you’re on Pinterest and want to share your creativity, feel free to leave your profile link in the comments for us to check out!


‘Hoping someone is listening’

Today, I read the Wikipedia article on Twitter. The last sentence gave me something to chew on. It said that Twitter had been “satirized…as an addiction to ‘constant self-affirmation’ and said tweets were nothing more than ‘shouts into the darkness hoping someone is listening.’ ”

Of course, I proceeded to then tweet about it:

It’s been said that tweets are “shouts into the darkness hoping someone is listening.” What do you think?

While I am mostly waiting to hear other people’s responses, these are a few other questions/thoughts I have on the matter:

Since when is it wrong to hope?

Since when is it wrong to be heard?

Since when is it wrong to shout into the darkness in a belief that we’re not alone?


What do you think?

Pondering the Status

If you’re anything like me, you ponder your status in life. And by that, I mean THE status…the Facebook status. (Twitter updates are also acceptable.)

I joke about it, but I do spend time thinking about what I want to update my status to be. Will it be something funny that happened that day? A witty thought? Some clever, deep, insightful comment? A verse or quote I love, a song lyric stuck in my head? It’s to the point where circumstances and my thoughts just become more food for statuses to be put on Facebook or Twittered about. (Let’s pretend that’s comical rather than pathetic, ok? K.)

So tonight, I had just finished reading a great book called Crazy Love. And I was trying to figure out how to put the millions of thoughts and emotions I had into a status. I had just read dozens of thought-provoking, deep, challenging statements and ideas…which one was worthy to be entered into a text box and shared with all my friends?

And somehow the result ended up being…I couldn’t let my next status be about me. The only appropriate response I could think of was to use my status to see what I could somehow do for someone else. My status ended up simply being: “How could I pray for you today?”

It’s too easy to spend my day contemplating what my status is or will be. But I can’t think of a better way to spend my day than focusing more on the status of other people’s lives, rather than my own.


Survey on social networking

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since a post, I know, but I wanted to put this up and ask a favor from all of you AMAZING people. My awesome sister Lindsay is a senior in college and is doing a survey for her class about social networking. Since I know how socially connected all of you are 🙂 it would mean a whole lot to her and me if you could take a sec to fill out the survey.  Below is her invitation to the survey:

Hey friends!
So I’m in this research class, and I need people to take this survey about online social networks like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. It shouldn’t take too long. The more people I get to take it, the more extra credit I get, yay. ( I need 15 ppl for one point.)Also, if you could put my name (Lindsay Parks) in the last question when they said, who asked you to take this?, thanks!! And we are closing the survey in 9 days.
If y’all could take it, I’d really appreciate it! Especially since it’s stuff about Facebook, etc…and you know you are already on it 🙂
So I also just want to say, even if y’all don’t take the survey or send it on, I’m still glad that I know all of you guys! 🙂
And on the plus side, we will probably publish this research, so you could be in a journal article, yay 🙂

The link to the survey is:


Thank you so much again!

And then there were five…wait, six?

Well, I’m still living with and taking care of the girls at the children’s home. Their house dad is still here, but most of the time he is in his apartment with his kids, packing things up since he has move out at the end of the week. So I try to take over most things, but it does take a lot of time to remember everything there is to do. Today, though, two of our older girls left to go home early for their three-week vacation (this is when the kids go home to the family they do have for part of the summer). This means I was down to just five girls to watch after, so I was excited to be able to spend more time focusing on the girls individually. Then, I found out another girl from a different house on our campus is moving in with us for the week, so I’m back up one more girl. It’s not a problem overall, I just want to give each girl the attention they need.

The week’s been good, just very busy. In the mornings/evenings, I’m with the girls. Wednesday-Saturday, I was also attending a training online (joining a training in New England via Skype). It was a really great training about using online tools and networks to help create change. It was definitely very life-changing for me and helped remind me the important things in life to focus on. I also got to meet some awesome people that I’ll be working with some this summer, and we also learned a lot about social media tools. Now I’m not only on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, but I have added Plurk to the mix and have started using Ping to update my statuses. Phew! Of course I’m also on 20 Something Bloggers and have started making a Second Life character.

Yes, my name is Katy, and I may be becoming an internet addict.

Here is my venting for today: I got really frustrated earlier this morning because the girls got picked up at 10:00 to go to a graduation party at a lake for one of the boys here at the Home. So I was excited because I had some time to myself and was going to go to church. Now I absolutely love my church, and it’s a special time to me. I get there and ten minutes into it, my phone starts buzzing my pocket. I answered it. Apparently one of the girls from the other houses needed someone to stay with her, and the staff member who was supposed to be there wasn’t. I asked if anyone else could watch her since I was at church, but of course no one else was available and everyone was ready to go to the lake. So I left church and drove back with the worst attitude. I was so mad that I was the one to have to change my day and come back to fix everything. I even cried for, like, two seconds in the van.

Needless to say I wasn’t happy about it all, but I watched them for an hour until the staff member showed up. I did have several hours to myself after that and even managed a few hours nap. I finally realize that sometimes this just happens in the adult world of being a young professional, and I needed to forgive and move on. I didn’t need to take offense over it or feel “used.” So I choose to get a better attitude and let it go.

The girls got back late tonight, so I had some time to myself. In the morning I have to get the girls up early for pictures the Home is taking. I will probably have part of tomorrow off before coming back in the late afternoon. The younger girls are begging me to let them watch Twilight tomorrow night, so we’ll see.

Alright, I probably should get to bed so I can get up on time. Hopefully I’ll sleep through the night again, since I’ve been struggling with insomnia again the last two weeks. Plus I need all the sleep I can get to deal with these five…er, six girls.