Winding down

It is coming to an end. After this weekend, I should be back to my part-time job responsibilities. Up until now it’s been pretty crazy. Last week I thought I would be going back to just recreational supervision, but I ended up getting to watch girls full-time for another week. I enjoyed it a lot and actually have missed “playing house-mom.”

Anyway, this is basically to inform that you that soon I will be able to start writing a lot more (though I doubt your life has been on hold in my absence). And to all you other bloggers, the best part is that I should be able to get back to reading your blogs more often. So forgive me for the lack of commenting lately…I’ll be catching up with you shortly!

Hope you’re all doing great. I’ll be blogging with you again soon!


Search terms

I read a blogger-friend’s post that detailed the various search terms that had led people to her site. While mine were not as…er, interesting as her’s were, I thought I would at least check out what mine might be.

Since I have only started this blog recently, I am not too disappointed that only 4 search results have led back to my blog. I did find myself being amused by the wide range between the search terms, however. For example, one person had searched a very serious topic, and one I have thought about a lot: “disappointing God.” I’m glad that led them to my blog.

The following search that led to my blog did make me laugh: “ipod bunny.”

Seriously? IPod bunnies lead people to my blog?
Awesome. 😀