“Kindred Spirits, Always” (In Which I Discover How Much I Need Friends)

Well I had promised you a post today, and I even had one in mind that I wanted to write about. (Maybe I still will, and you can see it next week or maybe even get two posts in one week.) But it didn’t get written because I fell asleep and took a long nap. So originally I decided I would write it tomorrow, but since I’m lying in bed and can’t sleep yet, I decided I might write a different post from my phone (thanks WordPress app).

Tonight I am especially thankful for my friends. I’ve kind of gone through a rough depressive episode over the last few months, and I dealt with it by withdrawing from almost everyone but my immediate family. Maybe I needed that time completely to myself, but now I regret dropping out of the lives of so many that I cared about. Perhaps it could have made things easier if I was connecting with people the way I should have. We weren’t meant to do life alone, but in my dark days, I was trying to.

Slowly over the last month I have begun to reconnect with people and friends, whether that’s online on Facebook, by finally shooting them a text again, or starting to hang out once more. Friends are important, and they are a gift. I want to learn to be more real with them, to allow them to support me in my struggles and that they can let me support them as well.

It is worth learning to let people in. It’s worth learning to trust them, to trust they won’t run away when things get hard. Some of them really do want to be there for you no matter what…let’s learn to let them. And to be thankful for them.

I finally texted one of my dearest friends tonight after being silent for a few months, feeling so guilty for neglecting such a special friendship. I asked her to forgive me. She responded right away, starting with “Precious Katy…” and sweet forgiving words of love. She ended “Let’s catch up more soon ok? I love you… We are kindred spirits always.”

Her sweet response drew me to tears. That’s what I’m so thankful for: the blessing and gift of unconditional friendships and love. May we seek to be that, to cultivate it, and to hold onto it as we treasure it always.

Thank you to the friends who have always been there for me. You know who you are. I love you and am thankful for you.



Well, here I sit. I’m not really sure what I want to write about, but I felt like writing somehow. I had my Intro to Professional Counseling class (essentially an ethics course) after work, and we got out early–which is normally awesome! But I also have an 8:00 course…so…I went back to my office and am sitting here till my second class starts. Perhaps we’ll get out early, too, and I won’t have to stay till 10:30. *crosses fingers*

I was trying to think of some great, witty, insightful, and/or deep topic to write about. I got nothing. The closest thing I could come up with was community. Lots of us live within communities: we have neighborhoods, schools, office environments, church congregations, families, and many other things that would fulfill the basic definition of “community.” But I think, if we looked deeper, we find that we’re lacking more than we realize.

Do we just have people we encounter every day, or do we have people we experience life with? Are we surrounded by people, or do we surround ourselves with people we care about? Do we expect people to make time to get to know us, or do we take the time to get to know them as we also share of ourselves?

All this to say: life gets pretty lonely without community. And by community, I mean people with whom you can really dig in and plow through life together. It (life) can be hard. We need those people who want to be doing it with us. We need people with the same heart, similar purposes, and parallel values. We need people to walk along side us. And if we don’t have them, we need to start finding them. Because we all need someone beside us on this journey.

Or at least I do. How about you?

Guess what? Internet!

TheUpdate ThUrsday

Wow, I feel like most of what I write these days are TheUpdate ThUrsdays! To be fair, not only has it been holiday season where there is business with family, traveling, etc., but I was in Georgia visiting my grandparents for the last week. And if you have read previous posts about my visits to Georgia, you know I get no internet there. Sad day, I know. Technically, I could have wandered to the Krystals up the street and bought a coke to use their Wi-Fi, but I never get around to that either. Additionally, I had gone to Austin two days after Christmas and got back a day before I went to Georgia, so I really haven’t had a lot of time to sit down at the computer anyways.

SO. Update time.

After Christmas, my sis and I got to have a road-trip to Austin with my aunt. It was a blast, and we had a lot of fun getting to visit with her more since she lives in Massachusetts and we don’t get to see her as often as we’d like. PLUS, I got to see my boyfriend Scott which was fabulous; otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten to see him till this coming weekend (which would’ve made it a month since we’d seen each other). Scott and I spent time with my sister, aunt, and a friend of hers; but we also had some great time to ourselves. I think it was one of our best visits together.

We got back from Austin on the 29th, and Lindsay and I left the next day for Georgia. We had a great visit with my grandparents there. Do to health and other reasons, they really don’t sit in their house most of the day every day, so we were glad to be able to give them some company. We had a good time. My mom came a few days after we did and spent the rest of the week there with all of us. We also got to see my uncle, and my aunt and her husband also drove down to visit. While we were there we celebrated the 65th wedding anniversary of my grandparents–how cool is that! Plus, during the visit, I hit the library hard and read 6 1/2 books between Saturday afternoon and Tuesday night. It was fabulous. (The 1/2 book came from one I started but decided not to finish.)

And now we’re back home in Texas. It’s good to be back with my dad and my puppy Ellie. Tomorrow is a pretty big day for me. If you remember I previously mentioned that I had a full-time job opportunity come up, and I’m going tomorrow morning for the second interview which could determine whether or not I get the job. This could be an awesome opportunity for me, and I’m praying God will open that door if that’s where He wants to take me. Please pray/keep your fingers crossed/wish me well/whatever-the-heck-you’d-like! I will let you know if I get the job.

I’ll be trying to catch up on my blogging soon. Hope you are having a fabulous week!

Life as of now

Welcome to the first

TheUpdate ThUrsday!

In efforts to keep you up-to-date with my life, I’m installing Update Thursdays where I share any new updates in my life. I know it may not be terribly fascinating, so please feel free to skip these updates if you prefer. No hard feelings, I promise. (Maybe a few tears…but no hard feelings. Hehe, just kidding!)

Currently, let me catch you up with where I am:

I have spent a good part of the last month or two completing and sending in graduate applications for the fall. I want to pursue a psychology degree so I can be licensed as a counselor. I have applied to several schools, but I won’t hear back from most till February at the earliest. Obviously I have no idea which, if any, I would be accepted to, so a lot of my future plans are pretty hazy till I know more.

I did have a new development in the job department. I was going to look into mostly part-time jobs till the fall; however, I did have a full-time job opportunity come up. I have had the first interview and they would like me to come back for a second interview. I’m very nervous and also very excited about what it could mean. It would definitely throw a curve into the plans, but it might be exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’ll wait till after the second interview to explain more. Please keep me in your prayers for all of that, especially for wisdom.

For now, I’m home with my parents and sister. We’ll be visiting with my dad’s side of the family for the Christmas week, and then later after Christmas my sister and I will go visit some family in Georgia.

I hope you are having a wonderful week. Weekend’s almost here!

The end of the chapter

I was an avid reader as a kid. Personally, I used to hate the ends of chapters. This was especially when I was young enough that my mom read to me, and inevitably she would come to the end of a chapter where she’d stop until next time. Or when I was a little older, and I’d read in bed at night until it got late and Mom would say “Get to the end of your chapter, and then go to sleep.” In both instances, I always hated the end of the chapter, because it meant stopping for a time while I was dying to move onto the next chapter to find out what happens.

Well, I’m at the end of a chapter again. Except this time, I kind of wish I could sit right here on the final page.  This time, I wouldn’t mind stopping at the end of the chapter. You see, a fairly important part of my life is coming to an end. I’m about to leave the city I went to college in, the city I’ve lived in for six years. I’m about to leave the church I’ve gone to and loved. I’m about to leave my sister and a few good friends who will be staying behind here. And I’m about to leave the kids at the children’s home that I’ve worked with and loved for the last 15 months.

The next chapter involves…well, I’m still not sure what. Most likely it will involve moving to someplace near Dallas for a time. It will involve finding a new job that I can keep for roughly a year before (possibly?) going back into a grad program for psychology. I will probably be living again with my parents which will be an adjustment, as much as I love them dearly. I will be finding a new church and new friends. In other words, I have an idea of where this next chapter is headed, but very few concrete details.

I have two weeks left here before my job ends. Two weeks to say goodbye and then to turn the page into the next chapter. Except part of me is a little anxious about the next chapter, and that part would prefer to sit as long as possible on the last page of this current chapter. Because ending the chapter means ending something I have loved, and I wonder if I’m ready for that.

But then I remember…back to when I was little, when turning that last page and going on to the new chapter meant excitement, and discovery, and a whole new part of the story.

This week’s randomness

My mom makes wonderful pumpkin bread that I got to sample last Sunday/Monday. I ate a lot of it. I got to watch some shows with my parents over the weekend like Criminal Minds, Star Trek: Voyager, Cold Case, and JAG.

I have been playing an online skateboard game over and over trying to beat my boyfriend Dan’s high score. So far, I’ve only gotten over 2000 points a dozen times. My highest score: 2507. His is 2755. I’m determined to get there someday. (No, I’m not competitive. I’m just…ok, yeah, maybe competitive is appropriate.)

On Friday, I took a child care training program during which we talked about poverty. We took surveys to see whether we could fit into the poverty, middle-class, and wealth classes. I fit better into the poverty class (fitting 9/18 statements) than the wealth class (1/14 statements). One of the questions on the poverty survey: “You know how to use a knife as scissors.” The only thing I could check on the wealth survey: “You have favorite restaurants in several countries.”

To me, the chocolate Frosty at Wendy’s is the only real Frosty. Vanilla Frosty? No such thing. That’s soft-serve. I got to have a Frosty Saturday night. Made me happy. 😀 Ooh, and I also had an A&W Root Beer Float today; the first in a long time!

I got to spend the evening on Friday with the Sergeants (fabulous family I’ve babysat for for almost 5 years). I played Wii with the kids. Saturday, Dan came in to visit, and we took the kids out to Mr. Gatti’s. It was fun! I love Ski Ball (aka Ice Ball?). Between the four of us (ten tokens apiece) we got 280+ tickets. The kids split them, got little toys, and left with huge grins. It is fun being a kid. 🙂

Dan and I went to the drive-in last night. Star Trek is one of my new favorite movies. 😀 Yes, I grew up watching the various Star Trek series with my dad. I loved the latest movie! It made me super happy to see old familiar characters and to glory in the legacy of all that is Star Trek. I totally quoted along at the end: “Space, the final frontier…these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise” all the way till a gleeful “to boldly go where no one has gone before!”

I’m going to try a reader’s response ending: Any random fun facts from your week that you’d like to share? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear about it!