He died while living out what he believed

In Loving Memory of Nate “Oteka” Henn – Invisible Children

I have long been a fan of Invisible Children and the work they do. Today I read a blog post about a man who died during the recent terrorist attack in Kampala, Uganda at a rugby field where hundreds had gathered to watch the World Cup. He had spent a year and a half with Invisible Children fighting for the rights of children in Uganda. After all that time, passion, and work, he finally got to visit the country and children he had been fighting for. It was during this trip that he lost his life.

It made me really stop and pause a moment. He would not have died at that rugby field except for his beliefs in freedom for the children of Uganda. He could have believed that from the safety of his home, his wallet, or his words. But he chose to live out those beliefs through his life — even though those beliefs led him to a country in Africa where he died by a bomb at a rugby field.

What do I believe? Am I supporting it with more than my words or money? Am I living it out? Is my life proclaiming what I believe — even if it took me to my death?

In addition the link at the beginning of this post, click here for more information on Nate and the others who died.

The Rescue – and the unsung children

I’m just typing this as it is newly forming in my head, so bear with me.

I’m watching Invisible Children’s THE RESCUE live HERE. For those of you who don’t know (and I only have novice information), Invisible Children spreads awareness and helps save child soldiers in Africa. THE RESCUE has been an effort in cities across America…well, this article can explain it a little better than I. In short, groups of people gather in cities asking for a major person of media influence to come “rescue” them in efforts to raise awareness of all the children who have been abducted and need rescuing.

Please read here a poem I wrote, “Invisible Children: Child Soldiers,” on my writing blog.

I don’t really know what I’m trying to say. I just know that I am incredibly moved. You know what moves me more, though? The millions of children who aren’t given a voice. The children who aren’t being sung for. The children who need greater saving, in different ways, and no one sings for them. They have yet to have a march, to have their plight spread all over Twitter. And it breaks my heart.

The Rescue is incredible. It is such a needed effort. The world is huge, and you cannot save everyone. All you can do is see a need, start somewhere, and make a difference. Invisible Children is doing exactly that, and I love, applaud, and support what they do.

Even as I do, my heart cries for the children who aren’t being sung about yet. Who will start that movement? Who will care for them? We are supposed to have a heart for the lost: the child soldiers, those who need shoes, and those who need clean water. Others need medical supplies, others need homes and parents…and so many more desperately need to hear a Name they’ve never heard, to see Him lived out in loving lives. There are songs yet to be written for these children, organizations yet to be founded for them, movements yet to be begun…maybe something as small as a prayer that’s yet to be said. Every movement began with a person, an idea. We can be the change that needs to happen. What are the causes yet to be thought of? Where are the champions yet to stand up for these children, the people in this world? Could they be right in front of a laptop…reading this blog, writing it?

Could it be me?
Could it be you?
Could we be the champions one child is waiting for?