Return from the third-world country of Valdosta

I’m back. I have been internet-less for the last week or so. *Holds up hand* No, don’t rush to comfort me; I’m alright. I have survived. I even had things to do that did not involve internet (shock! I know). I got to read lots, which was lovely. And, most importantly, I spent time with family. That was what this trip was about, visiting my mom’s family. We spent a whole week with my grandparents, doing almost nothing in the sleepy, slow town they live in. I had to go find random restaurants or coffee places that offered free Wi-Fi in order to get online.

Here’s what’s funny: where I lived in Malaysia, I had constant, fast internet access at my home. In Valdosta, a little town in south Georgia of the United States of America…I can hardly find internet to save my life. Yes, I found that little irony humorous too. Some days. Other days it frustrated me. But–must I say it?–life without the internet really is possible. Often enjoyable. I learned I can live without it.

That being said, however, I am thrilled to be connected to the internet again. 🙂 I’m trying to get my bearings and get back into my online worlds a little more again. I have much to tell you. I’ll probably be back to share some more Georgia stories, and I have news about the future to share as it happens. So stay tuned, and check back soon.

That is, as long as you don’t live in an internet-less third-world country. Or south Georgia.


Wasting (?) a day

Hello friends. Guess what? I am sick today. It’s a lovely experience. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat but figured a good night’s rest would clear it up. Well, I woke up several times anyway, and then woke up feeling worse than before. I’m pretty sure I have a sinus infection. Still hoping it will go away on its own.

Being sick, I had decided to skip Tae Kwon Do. Granted, I have been skipping for a while, something I feel increasingly guilty over. Last week I had almost passed out in class on Monday, so I took off Tuesday to rest. Wednesday-Friday I was serving as a house-mother for seven girls, so of course I didn’t have time then. Monday I was visiting with my parents (a wonderful trip), so I did not have time then. I was up too late Monday night, so Tuesday was no time to go–better to sleep in and make sure I was rested. Yesterday I had the afore-mentioned sore throat, and today I felt worse than yesterday. All that to say–I had better pull things together and get into TKD! I’m trying to reclaim it and not let it become a stressor. I will do it for my reasons, and those alone.

Since I have been sick, I have rested on my couch most of the day. I did have lunch with a dear friend, a lady who knows my parents well. She and I used to meet regularly in a mentoring relationship but had not connected much this semester. It was good to catch up. After that, I have been on my couch, resting and surfing through my computer/the internet. I have spent lots of time trying to beat a skateboarding online game (yes, crazy). I have looked through Twitter updates and messaged people on Facebook. I have perused blogs and left comments. And now I have work in 40 minutes, and I wonder…have I wasted my day?

Yes and no. I do think I needed to rest, and this day that I’ve had all to myself has been nice (especially since tomorrow involves child-care behavior management training which I will attend from 9am-2pm). I do tend to push myself, and sometimes when I get sick it’s my body’s way of telling me to slow it down. And while all those things listed above are not necessarily bad to do, and are probably even good to do, I feel that I could have added in a couple of more things that were slightly more productive (especially than the skateboarding game).

Have I really spent time in the Word today? No, not really. Have I spent time in prayer today? No, not really. Have I really lived with consciousness in The Presence? Only a little. Have I really taken time to love people? Some. Have I contemplated “what really matters?” For a bit. Not that life is all about those things, and I have far too long lived in the deep, serious recesses of life without playing those online skateboarding games. But in the good things in life, I do not want to forget the best.

I want to learn to waste some days healthily, and yet to never really waste a day in the ways that matter.

Those are my thoughts for today.

To see some more of my thoughts, glance at my poem The Word: Hear and Obey on my writing blog.