“Kindred Spirits, Always” (In Which I Discover How Much I Need Friends)

Well I had promised you a post today, and I even had one in mind that I wanted to write about. (Maybe I still will, and you can see it next week or maybe even get two posts in one week.) But it didn’t get written because I fell asleep and took a long nap. So originally I decided I would write it tomorrow, but since I’m lying in bed and can’t sleep yet, I decided I might write a different post from my phone (thanks WordPress app).

Tonight I am especially thankful for my friends. I’ve kind of gone through a rough depressive episode over the last few months, and I dealt with it by withdrawing from almost everyone but my immediate family. Maybe I needed that time completely to myself, but now I regret dropping out of the lives of so many that I cared about. Perhaps it could have made things easier if I was connecting with people the way I should have. We weren’t meant to do life alone, but in my dark days, I was trying to.

Slowly over the last month I have begun to reconnect with people and friends, whether that’s online on Facebook, by finally shooting them a text again, or starting to hang out once more. Friends are important, and they are a gift. I want to learn to be more real with them, to allow them to support me in my struggles and that they can let me support them as well.

It is worth learning to let people in. It’s worth learning to trust them, to trust they won’t run away when things get hard. Some of them really do want to be there for you no matter what…let’s learn to let them. And to be thankful for them.

I finally texted one of my dearest friends tonight after being silent for a few months, feeling so guilty for neglecting such a special friendship. I asked her to forgive me. She responded right away, starting with “Precious Katy…” and sweet forgiving words of love. She ended “Let’s catch up more soon ok? I love you… We are kindred spirits always.”

Her sweet response drew me to tears. That’s what I’m so thankful for: the blessing and gift of unconditional friendships and love. May we seek to be that, to cultivate it, and to hold onto it as we treasure it always.

Thank you to the friends who have always been there for me. You know who you are. I love you and am thankful for you.


I heart Christmas time!

TheUpdate ThUrsday

Hey all! Sorry for skipping the last two days. I figured you’ll forgive me since it’s Christmas time and pretty crazy (plus, Christmas time is about forgiveness, so if you don’t forgive me, you’re getting NOTHING tomorrow. Haha, jk!).

Well since my last TheUpdate ThUrsday, nothing life-altering has happened. But guess what, guess what?! Today is Christmas Eve!! I’m so excited.

This week has basically been about Christmas and family, two of my favorite things. This week, I have put up our Christmas tree, made Christmas cookies to mail to Scott along with a Christmas-care package from our family, wrote Christmas cards to a few close friends, spent time with my grandparents, picked up my aunt at the airport (she came in from Massachussettes), made a family Christmas dessert with my aunt and sister, got all excited about Christmas morning and jumped around like a kid a few times, helped finish shopping, wrapped presents, and got super happy about the SNOW we got today!! (Wow, that’s a long sentence. Don’t worry; there are commas, so it makes it not a run-on sentence…right?)

My favorite thing about Christmas is the gifts. Now don’t get me wrong, I love getting them. But I have to say I love giving them, too. There’s an awesome feeling of putting time and even some money into making someone’s Christmas extra special.

Personally, I hope your Christmas is extra special, too.