Guess what? Internet!

TheUpdate ThUrsday

Wow, I feel like most of what I write these days are TheUpdate ThUrsdays! To be fair, not only has it been holiday season where there is business with family, traveling, etc., but I was in Georgia visiting my grandparents for the last week. And if you have read previous posts about my visits to Georgia, you know I get no internet there. Sad day, I know. Technically, I could have wandered to the Krystals up the street and bought a coke to use their Wi-Fi, but I never get around to that either. Additionally, I had gone to Austin two days after Christmas and got back a day before I went to Georgia, so I really haven’t had a lot of time to sit down at the computer anyways.

SO. Update time.

After Christmas, my sis and I got to have a road-trip to Austin with my aunt. It was a blast, and we had a lot of fun getting to visit with her more since she lives in Massachusetts and we don’t get to see her as often as we’d like. PLUS, I got to see my boyfriend Scott which was fabulous; otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten to see him till this coming weekend (which would’ve made it a month since we’d seen each other). Scott and I spent time with my sister, aunt, and a friend of hers; but we also had some great time to ourselves. I think it was one of our best visits together.

We got back from Austin on the 29th, and Lindsay and I left the next day for Georgia. We had a great visit with my grandparents there. Do to health and other reasons, they really don’t sit in their house most of the day every day, so we were glad to be able to give them some company. We had a good time. My mom came a few days after we did and spent the rest of the week there with all of us. We also got to see my uncle, and my aunt and her husband also drove down to visit. While we were there we celebrated the 65th wedding anniversary of my grandparents–how cool is that! Plus, during the visit, I hit the library hard and read 6 1/2 books between Saturday afternoon and Tuesday night. It was fabulous. (The 1/2 book came from one I started but decided not to finish.)

And now we’re back home in Texas. It’s good to be back with my dad and my puppy Ellie. Tomorrow is a pretty big day for me. If you remember I previously mentioned that I had a full-time job opportunity come up, and I’m going tomorrow morning for the second interview which could determine whether or not I get the job. This could be an awesome opportunity for me, and I’m praying God will open that door if that’s where He wants to take me. Please pray/keep your fingers crossed/wish me well/whatever-the-heck-you’d-like! I will let you know if I get the job.

I’ll be trying to catch up on my blogging soon. Hope you are having a fabulous week!


Back to Texas and the blogging world

Guess what? I have returned to the world of internet access! Woo-hoo! *Does a little dance (one with better dance skills than she actually possesses. Hey, this is the internet world where reality can be suspended. Anywho, back to the dance)*

My mom and I had a great time in Georgia. I got to do some reading and sleeping in, which was nice. And of course, eating sweets and fried chicken and pecan pie! (30 Day Shred, I will be coming your way again soon.) It was a good time with my grandparents since they’re at the age where we’re never sure if one or both will be there when we visit again. Also, they  pretty much sit alone in their little house all the time, so I think it’s nice for them to have entertainment.

Yesterday my mom and I flew back to Texas, and it was nice to be home. Today I actually took some time to clean the house for my mom, since she and Dad are really busy with stuff for their organization. They’ve been traveling so much that she hasn’t had time to clean lately, so I wanted to help out. It’s nice to feel like I can contribute to their work in some small way, and the glow on my mom’s face when she saw the house was worth it.

This coming weekend, I’ll be going with my family to my university’s homecoming weekend. It’s my dad’s 30th reunion, so it will be a special visit for him. Also, I’ll get to see my sister and several of my friends, so I’m looking forward to that; and I also hope to go by and visit the kids at the children’s home.

Hopefully I’ll get to write a blog post during this weekend, but don’t worry, if not I promise to provide a riveting summary of it on Monday.

Love to you all! I’m excited to start keeping back up with your blogs again.

Oh, and I glanced at my stats today. The most interesting search phrase that led to my blog: “How Miley Cyrus holds her pencil.” You’ve got to be kidding me. Who even wants to know that? (Well, obviously the person who wrote that, but still, that’s crazy.) Glad to know my blog can contribute (in absolutely no way) to that fascinating question.

Limited internet for a time

If you’ll remember my last trip to Valdosta, Georgia, I did not have much internet at all. Well, I am back in that situation. Therefore, I won’t have much time to keep up with your blogs over the next week 😦 nor will I have time to write as many posts. I do hope you can forgive me.

My mom and I came to spend some time with my aging grandparents for the next week, so that’s what I’ll be doing. Which mostly means a lot of sitting around and eating too much pecan pie and watching Fox News a lot. And reading and sleeping in, which I can’t object to. Just not much internet (which is entirely objectionable, but hey, what can I do about it?).

When I do have internet, I’ll try to check in. Until then!