Ellie’s Escapades

So, in a previous post, I have introduced you to my puppy Ellie. She is a delightful little dog, full of energy and fun and personality…and  Houdini-like talent for escaping.


She’s a 15 pound dog and broke a leash that’s supposed to hold a 110 pound dog. What. The. Heck.

Who, me? But I am a cute little puppy who can do no wrong...
Who, me? But I am a cute little puppy who can do no wrong…

Let’s rewind a little. I had to go back to Abilene for a doctor’s appointment on Friday. I cut the planned weekend trip down to just 24 hours of being gone. I figured Ellie could survive on the porch for one night till I returned. Well, when I pull back up, I see a dangling leash that has clearly been snapped in half.

I thought I was going to be sick. My precious puppy has gotten loose in the middle of nowhere with lots of land and goats and other animals. I have no idea where she is.  Fortunately, the couple at the farmhouse here had seen her out on the road an hour ago, so I drove down that way. And there she is. Standing in the middle of the road, starting at my oncoming car. Not till I roll down my window and yell “Ellie!” does she come running. Her tail’s waggling and she’s wiggling and jumping on me and so excited. I’m frustrated and relieved and happy and back to frustrated (again) that she had managed to get out and bother anyone on the farm.

So after driving back from Abilene, I turn around on Sunday to go drive her to Dallas where I’m going to leave her with my grandparents again. After talking it over with my parents, we considered a way to let her stay with me at the farm and not inconvenience my grandparents. So last-minute we hit Petsmart and buy enough heavy duty leashes, cords, and stakes to tie her down by my little house. And I do mean HEAVY DUTY. The ones that hold dogs over 5x her size.

In a stroke of brilliance, however, the thick cord (to be connected to the stake we’re drilling into the ground) got left at home. It’s ok, I figured tying her up to the porch with her leash (for the 110lb dog) would work for a day or two.

It did. Except I’m not sure it was a whole day before she BREAKS it. AGAIN. Seriously. I dunno if she snapped it or managed to chew up the thickly woven, 2” wide leash; but that’s exactly what happened.

So now, until my cord arrives by mail, I’m doing my best to keep her inside (although she’s not supposed to be inside much, so this often means putting her in the crate) or on a smaller leash when I’m with her and can hold her. Hopefully she will quit her attempts at figuring out a way to re-enact Homeward Bound.

Dear Ellie,

Seriously, girl? Seriously? Please, I’d really like to keep you, but you’re going to make it hard if you keep getting loose and causing problems. I know people say to “think big,” but I’d really you rather think you’re actually 15lbs instead of 100.


frustrated loving owner


Meet Ellie

I decided to write a little blog about my little puppy Ellie. 🙂

She is a sweetheart. Most of the time. I got her last July in 2008 from Rescue the Animals. She is half beagle, half dachshund. I was so excited and so thankful when I got her. You see, I have loved dogs my whole life, starting with the German Shepherd we had growing up named Bravo. I loved that dog. He was such a good, beautiful pet. I had a toy poodle when I was 14, named Little Bit. He was a sweetheart, too. That was during my first episode of depression, and Little Bit was such an important part of my healing.

So I had always longed for the day I could get a dog of my own. Last year, one of the ladies I work with told me about all the dogs at Rescue the Animals. I got07-16-08_1808 permission to let a dog live with me at my apartment on campus. Lora, the lady I worked with, told me about a new set of puppies that she had saved from being killed. They needed homes. So I took two. I took Ellie, who was the only girl in the bunch, and the only one with black and white coloring. I also took her brother, the runt in the pack, who had brown and white coloring. Unfortunately, her brother died a few weeks later from a tumor on his lung. It was very sad for me. Her brother was the most outgoing, gregarious of the bunch and everyone loved him. Ellie was the shy one who ran from almost everyone. And then she was left alone with me.

Everyone joked she was a “Momma’s girl” because she always stayed close to me. She didn’t warm up easily to others, especially men. Gradually, though, she began to get to know the children around the Home. She began to be braver and would wander a little farther from me. Now, she wanders all over campus. She wags her tail and runs up to the kids she knows best. She’s still shy around some of the new kids, and she’ll bark loudly at anyone that comes near my apartment who (she thinks) shouldn’t.

She’s a sweetheart. She makes my days brighter and gives me something to laugh at. She’s a little independent now and too smart for her own good. Admittedly, I probably need to train her better because she still won’t come to me if she doesn’t want to. But I love her lots. Just wanted you to know.