Of all the topics I might choose

After my last post talking about regrets, I pondered what to write next. I pondered a cute and funny post to offset the seriousness of the last one. I thought about a hopeful, inspiring post to assure readers I wasn’t completely depressed. I mulled over posting a random topic, like my thoughts on a movie or on some trending issue. I considered telling a story from my childhood, or passing on some life lesson I have learned post-college. I have finally been able to keep up better with following others’ blogs, so I have tons of food for thought. And in the end, I could not settle on an idea to write about. Except, obviously, to tell you all the things I considered writing about but (also obviously) did not.

At this point in the post I was going to segue into recounting other interesting happenings in my life or at least into some witty ending. Alas, I can think of nothing. Really all I am doing is sitting on my couch, watching Criminal Minds, listening to the swishing of my washing laundry, and occasionally texting Scott. Tomorrow I get to wake up early, drive to Abilene, attend a doctors appointment, see my sister and other friends, and come back on Saturday.

And for the moment, that is the extent of the interesting things I can recount to you, and this is the wittiest of all endings I can come up with.


This week’s randomness

My mom makes wonderful pumpkin bread that I got to sample last Sunday/Monday. I ate a lot of it. I got to watch some shows with my parents over the weekend like Criminal Minds, Star Trek: Voyager, Cold Case, and JAG.

I have been playing an online skateboard game over and over trying to beat my boyfriend Dan’s high score. So far, I’ve only gotten over 2000 points a dozen times. My highest score: 2507. His is 2755. I’m determined to get there someday. (No, I’m not competitive. I’m just…ok, yeah, maybe competitive is appropriate.)

On Friday, I took a child care training program during which we talked about poverty. We took surveys to see whether we could fit into the poverty, middle-class, and wealth classes. I fit better into the poverty class (fitting 9/18 statements) than the wealth class (1/14 statements). One of the questions on the poverty survey: “You know how to use a knife as scissors.” The only thing I could check on the wealth survey: “You have favorite restaurants in several countries.”

To me, the chocolate Frosty at Wendy’s is the only real Frosty. Vanilla Frosty? No such thing. That’s soft-serve. I got to have a Frosty Saturday night. Made me happy. 😀 Ooh, and I also had an A&W Root Beer Float today; the first in a long time!

I got to spend the evening on Friday with the Sergeants (fabulous family I’ve babysat for for almost 5 years). I played Wii with the kids. Saturday, Dan came in to visit, and we took the kids out to Mr. Gatti’s. It was fun! I love Ski Ball (aka Ice Ball?). Between the four of us (ten tokens apiece) we got 280+ tickets. The kids split them, got little toys, and left with huge grins. It is fun being a kid. 🙂

Dan and I went to the drive-in last night. Star Trek is one of my new favorite movies. 😀 Yes, I grew up watching the various Star Trek series with my dad. I loved the latest movie! It made me super happy to see old familiar characters and to glory in the legacy of all that is Star Trek. I totally quoted along at the end: “Space, the final frontier…these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise” all the way till a gleeful “to boldly go where no one has gone before!”

I’m going to try a reader’s response ending: Any random fun facts from your week that you’d like to share? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear about it!