What’s Your Type?

Whats Your TypeDo you have a Type you like…in a blog post?

Let’s be honest: there are a ton of blogs out there. They all have a style, a “type” of post they publish. And I certainly have several styles I can write–and have written–in.

Call me curious, but I would like to know what YOU like. What’s your favorite “type” of post? What do you connect with most? What is most helpful to you? Let me know with this brief SURVEY.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! And I will happily share the results.

Do you have more thoughts to share that aren’t in the survey? Want to discuss more types of posts? Leave me a comment!


Search terms

I read a blogger-friend’s post that detailed the various search terms that had led people to her site. While mine were not as…er, interesting as her’s were, I thought I would at least check out what mine might be.

Since I have only started this blog recently, I am not too disappointed that only 4 search results have led back to my blog. I did find myself being amused by the wide range between the search terms, however. For example, one person had searched a very serious topic, and one I have thought about a lot: “disappointing God.” I’m glad that led them to my blog.

The following search that led to my blog did make me laugh: “ipod bunny.”

Seriously? IPod bunnies lead people to my blog?
Awesome. 😀