I am the rare breed (or like to think I am) who has not yet joined Instagram. But even I notice the lovely little hashtags flitting around those ever-shared Instagram photos. My favorite is #NoFilter.

Really? Are our photos so artificial now that we must point out when they’re not?

Or…does it say, “Look. This is beautiful. Without even adding a filter to it.”

I wonder about this in life. We often display the filtered, photo-shopped version of ourselves more than the real, nitty-gritty parts. Is it really so shocking to be a “natural,” non-filtered YOU?

The #NoFilter tag tells me that we honor real beauty. It stands out to us. We think, “This is so lovely, with such color, all on its own,” and we stamp it with #NoFilter.

#NoFilter says: This is rich. This is genuine. This is real.

This trend offers us a glimpse of what people search for. We want the deep colors that aren’t faked. We want a touch of awe, without the artificial touch. We look for #NoFilter, because that means it’s REAL.

Something to consider: perhaps this is what we want from each other, too.

How can you live your life with #NoFilter?


6 thoughts on “#NoFilter

    • Lol, true! Perhaps I should specify that “no filter” does not mean “no discernment” when it comes to how we live!

  1. I was just thinking about #nofilter yesterday! I believe it is people searching for real beauty and displaying it when they believe they have found something worthy of true beauty. I think people should use the no filter way of life much more often and God would be revealed in them more often.

    • You express such great thoughts here! I could “Amen” about every sentence you wrote.
      Thanks for reading and replying!

  2. That is why I really value my deep friendships, because there I do not have to filter things I say, there I dont feel I have to impress or withhold. There I can just be me. Those are the best friendships but also the most difficult to find.

    • They are definitely difficult to find, and they take learning and cultivation. But that makes them all the richer! And there are varying degrees of filter that we can use with varying levels of friendships. The point is to, underneath, be letting the real you shine out–always with discernment, but always with honesty.
      Thanks for reading!

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