Touch keyboards and God

I just recently got my very first smartphone. I’ll admit, it took me a while to get used to the on-screen touch keyboard. At first I was convinced that my thumbs/fingers were too big, because I kept hitting the wrong key. Thankfully, although I despaired of it briefly, my accuracy has improved; and most of the time I’ll type what I mean.
Occasionally, however, especially as I was learning, I hit the totally wrong letters on my keyboard. The wonderful thing, I discovered, was that the keyboard was already pre-programmed to recognize likely mis-typings. By that, I mean if I typed “aing,” the keyboard knew it wasn’t quite a word and would suggest that maybe I meant “sing” (especially since A and S are next to each other on keyboards). So even when I typed a word completely wrong, often I would have the correct word automatically inserted. If not, I could choose the closest match I meant from a list.
I started realizing my keyboard was showing me some things about God. Sometimes in my life, I try really hard to live (or for our analogy, “type”) things the right way. But let’s be honest: I’m clumsy, and I often just keep messing it up. It’s amazing, though, how God takes my “mis-spelled” efforts and brings them about to be the “word” I meant all along. Other times, I have to be paying attention to my keyboard and choosing the right “word” to insert it, so it’s not always automatic. But all that to say, the grace of God is so great, that He will often fix my “spelling” for me on life’s efforts. In my clumsy efforts, I’ll mean one thing, “type” it wrong–but God sees my heart and helps turn it out right.
Don’t get me wrong. A lot of times I type a word on my phone so hopelessly misspelled that the right one can’t be inserted. Or sometimes it’s not recognized as a word at all. And this is not a perfect metaphor. But mostly now texting on the phone reminds me that God is so good to take my hopeless, jumbled, mis-spelled efforts and somehow still get the right “word” in there, even despite me.

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