For My Birthday

Do you remember the days that you counted down to your birthday? Well, I’m in something of a count-down now, as my birthday is next week. You may or may not have planned on giving me a birthday present, but I’d like to ask a small one of you.

I love Mercy Ministries. They are a program who take in young women free of charge for 6 months to help provide care for those who deal with eating disorders, unplanned pregnancies, self-harm, depression, etc. (For more info on what they do, click this link.) This is the kind of organization I would love to work for one day. At one point in my life, I could have attended this place. For my birthday, I ask that you go to THIS PAGE to donate in honor of my birthday. It can literally be any amount, from $1-$5, or $20, or more. So if you planned on giving me a birthday gift, please do it this way. If you didn’t, please consider giving even a small amount. This would be the most amazing gift I could receive for my birthday, to know that countless girls could be helped to find healing and wholeness from your gifts.

If you give, please leave a comment, or tell me on Facebook or Twitter. I want to thank you for considering this gift that will mean the world to me on my birthday.

On the In Honor of… page, you can simply list the occasion as “Katy’s Birthday” and list the name as “Katy Helena.”

PS: This post and request is also inspired by my other favorite organization, To Write Love on Her Arms, for all the ways they pay it forward to people fighting for hope and healing. If you’d prefer to donate to them or buy yourself a shirt for my birthday, I’ll take that as well. 😉


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