“Dear Valentine’s Day”

The best part of my day was reading the following blog post. I hope that you’ll read it, because it has some powerful words of hope for us.

“Dear Valentine’s Day” by Jamie Tworkowski (founder of To Write Love on Her Arms)

Some of my favorite quotes from it:

“i love love – i think it’s the best thing that happens on the planet. It’s the biggest dream inside me.”

“So maybe there’s a war, inside of me and for me and maybe my heart is the opposite of small. Maybe it’s the opposite of cheap and empty and alone. Maybe it’s sacred and enormous and wild.”

“There are dreams inside of me and those are mine and my guess is that they’re there for a reason….i’m gonna keep living my story. i’m gonna believe that there is reason and purpose, and power in my life. i’m gonna believe that i’m alive inside a story bigger than my pain, bigger than everything missing.”

Jamie is pretty much my hero. I wish I could write half as well as he does.

One thing that reading his post made me think of: perhaps we are most dangerous when we have loved and lost and hurt. Those are things that make us most human, that make us most alive. And when we are truly alive and living, that is when we are most powerful.  It is then we can speak into each others’ lives; it is then that we can learn to hope against all odds. I want to learn to love powerfully, even if it comes from the deepest pain. I appreciate Jamie’s words because they remind me to live, and love, and hope.

May they do the same for you. And may you know today that you are loved.


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