Thirteen Things I’ll Never Say

Credit where credit is due: this post was inspired by this post over at Mindy’s blog.

Thirteen Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say

  1. I would love to go to a strip club!
  2. I’m so glad I joined the circus.
  3. I think I’ll move to someplace where it’s cold all the time.
  4. No, I’m sorry, I really wouldn’t like an all-expense paid vacation to the ocean.
  5. Chocolate is so gross.
  6. Why, yes, I would like to wear 5″ heels while walking around all day.
  7. I wish I’d never started blogging.
  8. Yeah, I hated reading when I was a kid, too.
  9. I like Cheezits more than ice cream (sorry, Lins).
  10. I definitely think your dog is cuter than my puppy Ellie.
  11. I wanna be just like Miley Cyrus when I grow up.
  12. I wish I hadn’t grown up in Indonesia.
  13. I am who I am without the grace of God.

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