Time to start writing again

I bet you’re shocked to see this.  No, it’s not a hallucination. There is actually a new post on my blog.  And it’s even fairly recent — “recent” meaning … well, not written months ago.

I’ve been inspired to write again. Not sure exactly how, but I have been. I think I started missing words. Several things made me begin to miss words, to miss writing them.  One small influence may have come from recent proofing of letters/memos at work. Yes, I know — it surprised me, too. I have a second/new boss who has been giving me a couple of drafts to help him go over. My (nerdy) “English major” skills begin to kick in when I edit. But at some point, I began to move past the commas and grammar … I began to focus on the words, their placing, the positions, the picture they paint. I become enthralled again by creating a message, limited only by 26 characters and my knowledge of how they can be arranged and re-arranged to convey something. I become focused on how changing this word from that one shades it to just the perfect degree of meaning I was hoping for.

Yes, I romanticize words. I romanticize writing. But to me, it is truly amazing the power that words possess. Move them around, blot them out, dash through them, paint them until your perfect picture is waiting for you, waiting for the world. It can be heady to think what can be created with words: the most tedious, colorless instruction document for putting together that lampstand; a paper that outlines the future, structure, and efficiency of a company; a novel that takes you to another place and time; or even simply a paragraph, a sentence, that inspires and changes you for life. We are given words to tell a testimony, to bring things into being, to call hope into the world. Yet we shy away; we wonder (or forget) how the mundane truly possesses the potential to be powerful. We could use words well if we wanted. But will we? … No, will I?

I think it’s time to start writing again.


2 thoughts on “Time to start writing again

    • Yay! I’m so glad to be back, and feel SO special that you even noticed and are glad to see me again! I’m thrilled to see you. 🙂 I’m doing well — just working and getting ready to start a graduate counseling degree. My family is doing well overall. How are you? I need to come by and catch up on your blog!!

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