3 steps to save a life

Today is a temporary break from M&M Mondays and instead is:

Make-a-Difference Monday

I am basically copying and pasting this from PostSecret’s blog, but I pass it on because it’s something I deeply believe in.

===From the PostSecret blog===

Chase Bank will donate $1,000,000 toward the first online suicide-prevention volunteer network. But we need your help.

We need your online votes to win the prize and start the IMAlive Network. Here’s what you can do now.

1. Vote for TWLOHA (it only takes a minute).

2. Ask your friends to help (especially on Facebook & twitter).

3. Volunteer to man (or woman) the Help Center.

Thanks for taking 3 steps today, to help save lives tomorrow.

===end of post===

Please sign up to vote and help save lives. Also, if you’ve already voted for a cause, Chase Bank gives you 5 votes, so please use one of yours to help TWLOHA and the IMAlive network as well. Voting ends January 22.

Thanks for taking a moment to make a difference.


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