The best Christmas ever…and Kris Allen

Ladies and gentlemen, the first

M&M Monday

Today I’ll be sharing with you a Memory and also a song (Music) that I currently have stuck in my head.


Since it’s Christmas week, I thought I would share a Christmas memory. I don’t have a specific time, but from all the Christmases past my favorite memory is usually decorating our tree. We had a specific tree we put together every Christmas while we lived in Asia. We had a random assortment of ornaments due to a tradition my mom set up. Every year, she would buy three ornaments (usually all the same). There would be one for her and dad and then one for both my sister and me when we left home. She wanted to make sure we would have a set of ornaments when it came time to have our own trees.

So every year we would play Christmas music and pull out our cute little fake tree to carefully slide each branch into its hole on the green pole. We would string the lights all over it (lights were our favorite part of the tree) and then painstakingly place each ornament on a limb. We would smile at the memories each ornament carried, or grin when one of our favorite ornaments got placed on the tree. One year when I was especially young, I remember becoming so excited as we put our Christmas tree together that I exclaimed “This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!” And inevitably the next year when we put together another tree, I would get even more excited and say “This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!” Every year I truly believed it was going to be the best Christmas ever. And once I got older, I began to say it out of tradition. But that is definitely one of my favorite Christmas memories, to be able to say that phrase every year when I really, really believed that it would be the best Christmas ever.



Many of you have probably heard this song, but I only discovered it recently when I heard Kris Allen perform it on So You Think You Can Dance. I looked it up and have been playing it non-stop lately, so I wanted to share it with you awesome blog readers. (To view the version with lyrics, click here.)


2 thoughts on “The best Christmas ever…and Kris Allen

  1. i love this song. he really captured truth in an effective way, don’t you think?

    it’s inspiring. the living it out part is harder.

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