30 Day Shred

Welcome to my first

Totally Topical Tuesday!

(And apologies for skipping out on my M&M Monday post yesterday…I promise I’ll make up for it next week.)

So I sat down at my computer to check up on my Facebook today, and it occurs to me: OH NO! After making my wonderful blogging schedule, I am already a day behind. So I take a deep breath, calm myself, and sit in front of my laptop. It’s ok, Self, I say. Let’s just start with Tuesday’s post. Ok, what is a topic I can write about that will engage my readers and leave them breathless with awe at my literary skills and amazing insights?

And coming up with nothing in that moment, I opted to go with the thing most recent on my mind.

The 30 Day Shred.

That’s kind of like a topic, right? A topic is something you can converse or discuss about, so that’s what I’m going with.

If you would like to know, I honestly discovered the 30 Day Shred from reading other blogs, and after hearing their rave reviews about it (and also since I was looking for an exercise video) I rented it from Netflix and gave it a try. I had been in decent shape most of my life (thanks mostly to soccer, then to Tae Kwon Do in college), but especially in the last year I’ve gained a little more than I’m comfortable with. So I figured, Hey, let’s get back into shape. Let’s do this Shred deal. Twenty minutes a day? I can totally handle that.

Well, I was right, but it was a lot harder than I anticipated. Level 1? Yeah, I’ve been working out, I’ll just fly right through that and get to Level 2. YEAH RIGHT. If you are a fellow Shredder, you’ll know Level 1 is no game of patty-cake (nope, not even the super-cardio patty-cake). It’s hard-core, and I stayed right at that level for a good bit of time while it got me in shape. I am now able to do level 2, but I haven’t even done that very much.

There are several reasons I enjoy the workout. 1) It’s fast. Heck yes I can do twenty minutes a day! 2) It’s comprehensive. I’m doing cardio (work that heart!), strengthening muscles, and especially toning my abs. 3) I end up feeling/seeing it. Yes, I have been a little more sporadic in my commitment, but I can tell and see a difference. My endurance is up (meaning, I’m not almost dying by the end of a workout) and I can feel my muscles getting stronger (meaning, when I poke certain places it doesn’t only feel like jello–there is actually a tough layer emerging underneath).

So if you’re looking for a quick workout you can do at home (hand-weights only required) that’ll push you, huffing and puffing, into shape, then I definitely recommend doing the 30 Day Shred Workout DVD.

For those of you who have Shredded, any additional comments? Likes, dislikes about the program? Anyone else trying to get in shape who has some good tips or stories of what you’re doing? I’ve love to hear them! Let’s encourage each other as we whip ourselves into shape.


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