Coming (again) soon

It’s true.

Life took over and suddenly left very little (and I do mean very little) time for blogs, reading or writing them. Yes, it is a sad fact. I was almost too busy to miss it (I did say almost), but it has been on my mind again lately. Considering I got a special note from my dear friend Olivia, I decided it was about time to step back into the blogging world.

I can’t say I’ll be consistent. I can’t say you’ll love everything (or anything) I write. But I am going to start writing again, and I also hope to get back into keeping up with others’ blogs as well.

In my quest to get back into blogging, I have considered starting a blogging schedule where certain days of the weeks I write posts about certain things. Perhaps an outline to get me on track and keep me going. Any thoughts on that idea?

I hope all of you are doing well. Yes, I have missed all of you. And yes, I have missed my little pencil.


2 thoughts on “Coming (again) soon

  1. i’m so glad you’ve graced us with your presence. i just got home for christmas. i haven’t forgotten to reply to your email. i promise 🙂

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