Narrating through my day

All day long I have been narrating everything I do in my head. I’m serious. I can tell that’s when I’m in blogging/writing mode. In addition to narrating my own actions (in a witty, humorous way of course) I constantly keep coming up with ideas of other things I’d like to write about. Earlier I had so many ideas for different blogs to write, but honestly it’s too much and too tedious that I doubt many of you would even want to read it if I was constantly writing everything in my head.

So I thought I would sit down and try to write out all of my narrative thoughts in one post, but in the end all I could specifically remember was “I am eating cereal from a cup.” (Yes, I eat cereal from a cup, but only because I have no bowls here. Don’t judge me.) I had some thought about my puppy Ellie, something clever to say when she got all wrapped up in her leash; but I don’t remember that now either.

I do remember thinking that I need to start journaling again. I have journaled off and on since I was 7, but I had not written in my journal in three months until last night. So I remember thinking today that while all of you might not feel like reading my random and wandering thoughts, at least I could write them down in my journal throughout the day. Because, really, when it comes down to it, I think most of us write for ourselves. Yes, readers and comments are wonderful, and they encourage us to keep going. Writing is about connecting with others. But also at the heart of our writing is…well, us.

So when I find myself narrating in my head and thinking of all the things I might blog/tweet/update my status on Facebook about…well, perhaps I should start taking it back to the journal where I first started writing…where writing was simply about me, the words, and the page.

Dear Journal,

I’ve missed you.


P.S. Out of curiosity, how many of you fellow bloggers have written or still write in a journal/diary?


7 thoughts on “Narrating through my day

  1. I still keep a journal. I would say that blogging has negatively impacted how much I actually write in it these days, but it still holds a big place in my heart and there are some things that will always send me running to my journal over my blog. I’ve just been writing in it tonight, actually!

  2. Hmm…I view a blog and a journal as one and the same…I really write what I want to write about. But I do remember keeping a “journal” of sorts as a kid: it was in the form of a newspaper where the events in my life were rewritten as news stories (e.g.: a blackout at home = a blackout throughout the city of X) πŸ™‚

  3. I’m like that too. I have a theory that more readers you have and more often you write, you can feel overwhelmed. It’s like there are stuff left unwritten you just cant start writing in your blog. I’m thinking of writing in a journal too now πŸ™‚

  4. I have a prayer journal which I use most days. I find that writing as I pray helps me to stay focused and not just start daydreaming. πŸ™‚ I had a diary when I was younger but wasn’t very good at all at keeping up with it. I’m actually quite amazed that I’m still loving blogging, I kinda thought that would fizzle out by now!

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