Bulleted thoughts, including: blogging, relationships, rain, and Mercy. Seriously.

Today I had lots of thoughts I considered writing a blog about…so instead of being decisive (because that would have meant I chose only ONE major in college instead of two) I decided to share all the random thoughts I had running ’round my head! (Yes, you should feel lucky.)

  • My original plan for a blog was to write a more detailed version of  the A Few of my Favorite Things blog detailing last weekend at my school’s homecoming. This would have been complete with pics. And it’s very possible I may still do that at some point, but today will not be that point.
  • Grad school applications are totally scary.
  • I realized I use the word “totally” a lot. Seriously.
  • I think I also use the word “seriously” a lot.
  • I have a pretty-much-amazing boyfriend in Scott. Seriously (see previous bullet). He’s awesome.
  • I do not like long-distance relationships because I don’t get to see aforementioned boyfriend very often. And that’s just not cool, for many reasons…mostly being that I miss him and wish we had more time together to build our relationship.
  • Long-distance relationships in Texas are different than other states. In some states, being an hour away is really far. Here, that’s next to nothing. Try 3 1/2 hours. And that’s actually not as bad as it could be.
  • When I don’t get to keep up with the blogs I follow for a few days, sometimes I let out the tiniest inward groan when I go to Google Reader and see how many posts I have to catch up on. Inevitably, however, I start reading your blogs and end up loving it (cuz you’re all such darn good writers and, let’s face it, I love hearing what’s going on in your lives! *she said in a non-stalker kind of way*)
  • I stood in the rain yesterday for a long time. It was lovely. I think I looked odd though cuz I was also having a text-conversation with Scott, so I would stand in the rain, run to my door when I heard my phone, reply to him, and run back out to stand in the rain again. (In my head, I just heard a “Rinse, Text, Repeat” chant.)
  • I have several more bullets in my head, but I hate to over-bullet you so I’m going to end with this final one:
  • I just heard about a Run for Mercy campaign, which is basically a fundraiser for Mercy Ministries. I love Mercy Ministries because they provide free-of-charge, in-patient programs for girls across the country who deal with issues like depression, self-injury, eating disorders, unplanned pregnancies, etc. It’s a seriously (dang, there’s that word again) cool program that has changed countless lives and offered help to girls who couldn’t have gotten it otherwise. So apparently I’m now considering if I should sign up for a half-marathon in December to help raise money for Mercy. The thought is terrifying yet intriguing. Thoughts?

I hope you have a lovely day.


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