Back to Texas and the blogging world

Guess what? I have returned to the world of internet access! Woo-hoo! *Does a little dance (one with better dance skills than she actually possesses. Hey, this is the internet world where reality can be suspended. Anywho, back to the dance)*

My mom and I had a great time in Georgia. I got to do some reading and sleeping in, which was nice. And of course, eating sweets and fried chicken and pecan pie! (30 Day Shred, I will be coming your way again soon.) It was a good time with my grandparents since they’re at the age where we’re never sure if one or both will be there when we visit again. Also, they  pretty much sit alone in their little house all the time, so I think it’s nice for them to have entertainment.

Yesterday my mom and I flew back to Texas, and it was nice to be home. Today I actually took some time to clean the house for my mom, since she and Dad are really busy with stuff for their organization. They’ve been traveling so much that she hasn’t had time to clean lately, so I wanted to help out. It’s nice to feel like I can contribute to their work in some small way, and the glow on my mom’s face when she saw the house was worth it.

This coming weekend, I’ll be going with my family to my university’s homecoming weekend. It’s my dad’s 30th reunion, so it will be a special visit for him. Also, I’ll get to see my sister and several of my friends, so I’m looking forward to that; and I also hope to go by and visit the kids at the children’s home.

Hopefully I’ll get to write a blog post during this weekend, but don’t worry, if not I promise to provide a riveting summary of it on Monday.

Love to you all! I’m excited to start keeping back up with your blogs again.

Oh, and I glanced at my stats today. The most interesting search phrase that led to my blog: “How Miley Cyrus holds her pencil.” You’ve got to be kidding me. Who even wants to know that? (Well, obviously the person who wrote that, but still, that’s crazy.) Glad to know my blog can contribute (in absolutely no way) to that fascinating question.


3 thoughts on “Back to Texas and the blogging world

  1. Geez Miley Cyrus! That girl got crazy fans worshipping the ground she walks on.

    And yeah, I’m kinda zealous LOL I need someone to google “How Ndeesaster bites her nails” or something like that :p

    Anyhoo, welcome home!!! It must feel so refreshing..:D you’re such a great daughter and granddaughter to be there for your family like this 🙂

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