Would you please be in prayer for Indonesia? This is the country I spent 12 of the first 15 years of my life in. I have been to these places shaken by disaster and riddled by deaths. My heart aches for them, these people who have already had to mourn so much loss from earthquakes in years past. Please remember them, and think of them now in their time of desperation.

CNN: At least 1,100 dead from Indonesia quakes, UN official says


8 thoughts on “Indonesia

  1. Thanks for writing this, Katy.

    Seriously this brings me pain, despite that Jakarta didn’t get major impacts. The quake here around two weeks ago was a mild one, compared to what happened in Sukabumi – West Java, some parts of central and East Java and the most recent in West Sumatra. So many people died and buildings were destroyed.

    Indonesia’s location is pretty vulnerable for this too, I guess? The volcanic activities and the so many ocean and seas surrounding it..I just hope the second tsunami they predict in South East Asia won’t happen.

  2. i can not imagine the pain you must be experiencing but i understand why this “2nd home” or first really…is so dear to you heart. my prayers are with them and you.

  3. @Andhari – Yes, it is a painful situation. I do pray the predicted second tsunami doesn’t occur. All of you there in Indonesia are in my prayers.
    @Andrew – Thank you.
    @Iva – I really appreciate that.
    @Olivia – Thanks very much. I know you understand what it’s like to have another country on your heart. Grateful for your prayers.

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