Meet Scott


I would like to officially introduce you, my blog readers, to my boyfriend Scott.

We have been “officially” dating for about a month, although we met over a year and a half ago online. He added me on MySpace because of a mutual friend, and then I got to know him a little better through an online prayer ministry. We messaged each other off and on until we became friends on Facebook where we started chatting online. In June he came to visit me for the first time, and we began texting daily and visiting for two months until we decided to make things official mid-August.

He is…well, pretty much amazing. 🙂 He is thoughtful and sweet. He is a man of great character, and I have a lot of respect for him.  He treats me well, and it’s important to him to also honor my parents in our relationship. He seeks to constantly grow spiritually and as a person.  And did I mention I also think he’s really cute? *giggles* (To me that’s not nearly the best thing about him, but it is a nice little bonus!)

I could go on forever with all the little details I love about him, but I won’t bore you (or make you feel like throwing up).  For now just wanted to introduce him to you, and I’m sure you’ll hear more about him in my blogs posts to come.

Our first picture together

Our first picture together


8 thoughts on “Meet Scott

  1. if he is a Godly man, then Jenny and I are certainly happy for you two! BTW, Jenny and I met on myspace so i like to think those connections can work out pretty well… 🙂

  2. Thanks for the intro and the face to go with his name, Katy! I’m so happy for you two.
    I understand your sadness at leaving Abilene after so many years. Virginia and I were talking how she is starting her 4th year in her house and that’s after three years in the dorms! (I went from the girls’ dorms, to my parents’ house, to Virginia’s house, to the Director apt in a boys’ dorm!) She might be moving next semester though. That’ll be really sad, but I know it’ll be exciting wherever she goes. Moves our whole lives have been that way. So here’s a cheer to your new adventures! 🙂

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