Bad blogger…and goodbyes.

So. If you are one of my more astute readers, you might have noticed I haven’t been that great at blogging lately. Yes, I know! I’m shocked too! Especially since I have been bad at blogging before and thus resolved to never be so again. Sigh. Oh well. I want to mend my ways and redeem my lack of regularity in the blogging world. What’s even WORSE is that I haven’t even made the time to go read my other friends’ blogs and comment on them! I am such a bad blogger.

On a random note, it’s funny because I have also had an idea for another blog I think would be fun to start. Which is ridiculous, since I haven’t kept up with this one very well, so why on earth would I want to start another? Sometimes I have more ideas than time/ability to carry them out. Sad day. *Cue sad music in the background*

So what actually brings me to my blog today? What a good question! It’s nothing terribly noble. I mean, I have been thinking I needed to start writing again. But did that bring me back to my keyboard before now? No. Sadly, it is packing–yes, packing!–that has brought me here tonight. I’m packing up to leave Abilene, so tonight I have been doing last minute organizing and cleaning. Then I made the fatal error or sitting down at my computer. Facebook, Plurk, random browsing…yes, I was seduced into forgetting packing and cleaning and all that I should be doing. So then I thought: Why, I should write a blog! I should get out all these random, crazy thoughts running through my head and share them with the world. So here I am.

It has been a sad day since I’ve had to say goodbye to many special people to me. Granted, I will be back for a brief visit in three weeks and then later in October…but still! This is sad, people! I’m leaving the city I’ve lived in for 6 years. It’s pretty much all I’ve known of the U.S. since I came home for college. And now I must forgo familiarity to forge a new future in a far-away…er, place. (I couldn’t think of a word for city or town that started with an “f” to complete my alliteration. Any ideas?)

Tomorrow may be saddest of all, because I have to say goodbye to the children I’ve watched and loved for the last 15 months at the children’s home. I already experienced one night when I was watching a five year old girl who burst into sobs when I said I was leaving. I held her in my lap as she wailed, “You can’t leave! I will miss you forever!!” I’m serious, she sounded as if her heart would break…which of course broke my own heart.

I do believe good things are to come. I’m grateful for the opportunities that opened at just the right time, and I’m thankful for how God leads, provides, and is so lovingly faithful.

Here’s to the future.
Maybe it will also include me as a better blogger. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Bad blogger…and goodbyes.

  1. Aww look at the little girl..adoring you like that. It’s alright, you can visit her in your october visit yes? I think wherever you go, you’ll adapt and like it 🙂 I hope better things happen for you there. Good luck with the packing, I’m usually a big procrastinator when I have to do it.

  2. I will be praying for your move. Maybe you could blog about why you are moving and what you will be doing? sorry if this is too personal, but I just enjoy your writings. God bless!

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