The end of the chapter

I was an avid reader as a kid. Personally, I used to hate the ends of chapters. This was especially when I was young enough that my mom read to me, and inevitably she would come to the end of a chapter where she’d stop until next time. Or when I was a little older, and I’d read in bed at night until it got late and Mom would say “Get to the end of your chapter, and then go to sleep.” In both instances, I always hated the end of the chapter, because it meant stopping for a time while I was dying to move onto the next chapter to find out what happens.

Well, I’m at the end of a chapter again. Except this time, I kind of wish I could sit right here on the final page.Β  This time, I wouldn’t mind stopping at the end of the chapter. You see, a fairly important part of my life is coming to an end. I’m about to leave the city I went to college in, the city I’ve lived in for six years. I’m about to leave the church I’ve gone to and loved. I’m about to leave my sister and a few good friends who will be staying behind here. And I’m about to leave the kids at the children’s home that I’ve worked with and loved for the last 15 months.

The next chapter involves…well, I’m still not sure what. Most likely it will involve moving to someplace near Dallas for a time. It will involve finding a new job that I can keep for roughly a year before (possibly?) going back into a grad program for psychology. I will probably be living again with my parents which will be an adjustment, as much as I love them dearly. I will be finding a new church and new friends. In other words, I have an idea of where this next chapter is headed, but very few concrete details.

I have two weeks left here before my job ends. Two weeks to say goodbye and then to turn the page into the next chapter. Except part of me is a little anxious about the next chapter, and that part would prefer to sit as long as possible on the last page of this current chapter. Because ending the chapter means ending something I have loved, and I wonder if I’m ready for that.

But then I remember…back to when I was little, when turning that last page and going on to the new chapter meant excitement, and discovery, and a whole new part of the story.


6 thoughts on “The end of the chapter

  1. Such a good way to describe life in general πŸ™‚ I’m sure you’ll be just fine when you move and start a new job, more adventures waiting. And it doesn’t mean you can’t meet the people you love from the city anymore, right? More future visits to look for is exciting.

    • Future visits is definitely a good thing to remember! It’s not like I can’t come back and visit. Thanks for the encouragement. πŸ™‚

  2. This is such a beautiful analogy–hating to put down the book at the end of the chapter and welcoming another chapter while missing the old one. I loved this post.

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