Comments from a five year old

I love recording funny quotes from people, and children give the best ones. Here are just a few I’ve accumulated from my few days with the five year old girl I’ve been in charge of. Enjoy.

While she was eating, someone else kept talking. Her comment: “She’s disturbing my chewing!”

When we were going to watch a DVD, she suggested watching it on a laptop. I pointed out we could watch it on the TV. Her comment: “Ooh, then we can see the parts big instead of little. That is a good idea.”

When her mother and grandmother came to visit, her grandmother aimed the camera and said “Say cheese!” Her reply: “Cheese-camera!! ….oops, I said cheese camera!” [Giggles hysterically]

Before her grandmother and mother leave from their visit, she runs to another girl in the house. She says (sternly): “M, my mother and grandmother are here! You need to see them! [Runs back to us as she hears us laughing] This is not funny! It is serious!”

She told me that at breakfast her house father tells her not to stretch at the table. She says: “I tell him, ‘But my bones aren’t awake yet!'”

She wants to call a friend of hers. “What’s his number?” I ask. She tilts her head thoughtfully. Her reply: “2345.” When I inform her that’s probably not his number, she tries counting from 1-10. πŸ™‚

Best of all:
It’s bed time. I go over to get her ready for bed. She raises her hands high until I hug her. She says: “I love you.”


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