The girls

Hey everyone, sorry for my lack of updates lately. As I mentioned in a previous post, we’ve had a tragedy here at the children’s home. One of our house mothers died last week, and in an effort to help out the girls in her house, I have more or less moved in and acted as a substitute. I basically go in the afternoon and evenings, help get them to bed, get them up in the morning, fed, and to school. It’s a full-time job, but I love doing it because the girls are great. I feel like it’s a privilege to be able to be there for them right now during this time that they are grieving.

Hopefully I will have more time soon to write and update you all. For now, just wanted to let you know what I was doing and why there have been fewer posts lately. If you want to keep up with me a little better, check out my updates on Twitter.

How is your week going?


8 thoughts on “The girls

  1. Wow, so sorry to hear about that. And taking care of the girls definitely does sound like a lot of work. Glad to hear the girls have someone to take care of them though and they are not hard to deal with.

    My weeks been pretty good, busy, but good.

    • Thanks Tellie. It has been a lot of work, but the girls are worth it because they’re so sweet and do need someone to love on them.
      Glad you’ve been having a good week! Even if busy. 🙂 Hope things smooth out and you get some free time soon.

    • I appreciate your encouragement…and understanding! I’m going to try to post another post here soon…we’ll see!

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