Meet Ellie

I decided to write a little blog about my little puppy Ellie. 🙂

She is a sweetheart. Most of the time. I got her last July in 2008 from Rescue the Animals. She is half beagle, half dachshund. I was so excited and so thankful when I got her. You see, I have loved dogs my whole life, starting with the German Shepherd we had growing up named Bravo. I loved that dog. He was such a good, beautiful pet. I had a toy poodle when I was 14, named Little Bit. He was a sweetheart, too. That was during my first episode of depression, and Little Bit was such an important part of my healing.

So I had always longed for the day I could get a dog of my own. Last year, one of the ladies I work with told me about all the dogs at Rescue the Animals. I got07-16-08_1808 permission to let a dog live with me at my apartment on campus. Lora, the lady I worked with, told me about a new set of puppies that she had saved from being killed. They needed homes. So I took two. I took Ellie, who was the only girl in the bunch, and the only one with black and white coloring. I also took her brother, the runt in the pack, who had brown and white coloring. Unfortunately, her brother died a few weeks later from a tumor on his lung. It was very sad for me. Her brother was the most outgoing, gregarious of the bunch and everyone loved him. Ellie was the shy one who ran from almost everyone. And then she was left alone with me.

Everyone joked she was a “Momma’s girl” because she always stayed close to me. She didn’t warm up easily to others, especially men. Gradually, though, she began to get to know the children around the Home. She began to be braver and would wander a little farther from me. Now, she wanders all over campus. She wags her tail and runs up to the kids she knows best. She’s still shy around some of the new kids, and she’ll bark loudly at anyone that comes near my apartment who (she thinks) shouldn’t.

She’s a sweetheart. She makes my days brighter and gives me something to laugh at. She’s a little independent now and too smart for her own good. Admittedly, I probably need to train her better because she still won’t come to me if she doesn’t want to. But I love her lots. Just wanted you to know.


24 thoughts on “Meet Ellie

  1. I know how you feel. I foster dogs and we have had one die and we always have to give them away to people who want to own them and it’s always sad to see them go… I’m Glad that God gave you this dog and I know exactly how rewarding it can be.

    • Aw, that must be sad to keep dogs and then give them to others…that’s so sweet, though. To give those dogs a home until they find an owner…how awesome!
      Yes, I’m grateful for Ellie. 🙂 Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Katy this is so cute 🙂 I want a puppy so bad but Eric won’t let me have one just yet, but this is just adorable 🙂

  3. Aww, Katy you are such a sweetheart. I really enjoyed reading this about your puppy Ellie and how much she means to you! Ellie is so adorable! It was really amazing though, how your friend told you about those dogs that needed a home & you took in two of the dogs. I’m so thankful that they allowed you to have your puppies in the apartment you live in. Because most apartments won’t allow you to have pets. I’m sorry to hear about your other 2 puppies that had passed away. That must have been really especially if you were really attached & close to them which it sounds like you were. You are such a wonderful owner & mommy to your puppy Ellie. I hope I can come meet/visit you & her someday! I use to hate dogs because I was afraid of them but now I fell deeply in love with them. I have a stuff aminal Saint Bernard puppy for now so it will have to do until I get a real one lol. At least my puppy is easy to take care of since it’s not real of course lol. I usually pet it if I’m upset. It helps me cope in a positive way just only wish it was real :/. Thank you so much for sharing this about your puppy & allowing to get to know your puppy! It was really kewl getting to know Ellie!! 😀

  4. Aww what a cutie! I have a corgi pup that I love more than anything. I got her when my dog of 14 years was starting to pass. They got to meet and Princess got to meet the one who would help me get through her death.They loved each other for the few months they were together.

  5. Hi Katy! I just found you via 20something bloggers. I love this post! A good friend of mine has a dachshund chiwawa mix. Little dogs make me smile. 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for coming to check my blog out thru 20SB! Aw, I bet a dachshund chihuahua mix is adorable.

  6. Ellie warmed up to me like once but after that she still would run form me and other guys when we would hang out, lol. I have wanted a pet but don’t think I could provide/afford one right now, especially if/when they need shots and other things done. I do like dog-sitting sometimes for a friend when him and his wife go out of town.

    The thing I like about dogs is they will almost always come and be with you but sometimes it gets a little annoying when they want you to pet them constantly, so your hands starts to hurt, lol. Cats are cool but always seem to look at you when you call and then they decide to come or just turn around and go somewhere else, like they are too good for you. Ha. :.)

    Good note!

    • Thanks Daniel! Yeah, Ellie will still run from lots of people. Sometimes I don’t think she’s shy anymore, I think she just thinks it’s a game.
      Normally she doesn’t insist on being pet constantly, but she will always make sure to sleep with me and hog all the room I could have.
      And what you said about cats…Ellie’s kinda like that anyway…hmm.

      • That last sentence made me smile, ha ha.

        Sometimes back home I would/will let the dog sleep or nap with me but if he kept bothering me or wanting to lick me a lot I would push him off the bed “gently”, lol

        that is the second time in a few days I have quoted that from The Princess Bride, it is just so applicable, lol.

  7. OMG your dog is so cute! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am totally praying for you and the girls! OH and I truly believe that God has perfect timing when it comes to meeting your true love..hang in there!

  8. hi! i just came across your blog and i like it a lot! i’m thinking of getting a dog someday, i don’t know… i’m more of a cat person, but if i live somewhere where i’ll want to walk a lot, i would totally love to have a dog to take out with me! they can have such happy personalities too. i’m glad you’ve got a good one. 🙂

    • Aw, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it. Great to meet you! 🙂
      You should definitely get a dog someday…it’s been such a blessing to me!

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! So great to meet an awesome Malaysian. 🙂 I lived in Penang…how about you?

  9. Hello Katy,

    She’s lovely. 🙂
    Pets are so wonderful. Most of the pets we’ve had have been rescued, too.
    We actually rescued a baby goat once – long story. But, we had a goat! lol
    Not everyone can say that. 🙂

    I’m glad you have such a little ray of sunshine in your life.

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