Blogging: I’d love your input

So for a large part of today I have been spending time looking at other blogs online and trying to figure out how I can make mine better.

As you might can tell, I update the look of the page and have changed the name to “Katy’s Little Pencil.” I found the following quote from Mother Teresa and fell in love with it: “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” If I could be anything in my life, I think that’s what I would want to be. And I love the fact that He is described as a writing God. He is the greatest Author ever, and if my life could somehow be used as a little pencil in the love letters He still is sending to the world…wow.

I have also considered joining an online community called 20 Something Bloggers. It’d be neat to connect with other bloggers/writers my age.

So what do you think? Should I join the community? How can I change the look of my page? What are things you want to see added to my page? What are some things you’d like to see written about?

I would love and greatly appreciate your input.


11 thoughts on “Blogging: I’d love your input

  1. I think your site is fine. I wouldn’t try to be like other 20 something too much, maybe some ideas and design suggestions but in the end it is your site and your writing. It took me a while to edit my myspace and xanga site but I came up with a look I liked and went with it. Mostly, the only thing that has changed since the beginning is my writing.

    If you are wanting to get more people to look and comment on your writing the best way is (1) To ask questions at the end of your blogs, deeper than yes and no. (2) Post about things that are controversial (your blog becomes discussion and (3) Read and comment on as many blogs as possible.

    Three is the toughest way to get comments but the most beneficial and will build the most community. If you want people to read your blogs then you should also really take the time to read and comment on theirs as well. This is what I use Xanga for mostly – a community of blogs and thinkers and it gives me a perspective I do not get from the people who know me in person (sometimes deep and other times just funny).

    But in the end, while I really do like comments and readers – I think I would write even if it was just for me – but it is nice to have readers and feedback for sure.

    • Daniel, thanks so much for the comment! I appreciate the encouragement and suggestions. Building community is definitely important. You’ve done a good job of that yourself, reading and commenting on others’ blogs. 😉

  2. i disagree. write completely and solely for your own enjoyment. i think you do…i can tell a difference. i enjoy your thoughts and your writing. alot. it’s like a breath of fresh air in the internet world.

    i would love to read more about your life overseas. things you disagree with in life…deep stuff intrigues me.

    i would go for the community but realize that you may attract some negative feedback by doing so. it would be a great opportunity to express truth.

    • Olivia, wow, thanks so much!! Your comment was incredibly encouraging and so very sweet. I’m honored you like and enjoy what I write. And thanks for the suggestions of some things to write about. I’ll work on writing those posts soon.
      Thanks again. Your comment meant so much. Thanks also for your blog, one I also find to be a breath of fresh air on the internet world. I look forward to reading your next posts. 🙂

  3. Twenty Something Bloggers is awesome for finding other bloggers. I’ve been a member for almost a year now and almost all of my blog friends are also members. Sometimes when I read other people’s blogs, I want to change my own to be like them. I guess it’s about balance, because there is always room for improvement, but you also have to do what you want to do and what you’re good at. I read relationship blogs and want to write about similar things, but I don’t have much to say about relationships and that’s just not what I want to write about. As long as a few people continue to be interested in what I have to say on a variety of topics, then I’ll keep writing.

    • Ashley, thanks so much for your comment! Yes, I’ve know joined Twenty Something Bloggers and will enjoy meeting people. You’re absolutely right – it’s easy to want to be more like other blogs, but in the end we can only be ourselves.
      By the way, I greatly enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

  4. I found your blog thru 20 something bloggers and I like it.
    I only joined the 20sb a few days ago and I have spoken to a lot of different people from different parts of the world. I have also seen some really cool blogs, the important thing is to just be yourself. If you copy others then your blog will lack originality and personality. So just keep doing what you’re doing and invite people to come see your blog!

    • Thanks so much for your input! I’m excited to meet you and will be coming over to check out your blog as soon as I reply to this comment. 🙂 I think you’re right – the important thing is to just be myself. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. I just noticed you put a smiley face on everyone of your comments, lol. Yeah, I notice odd things like that…

    Anyways, looks like you are building some good community and readers, that’s awesome. The thing that surprises me is when I get more comments from xanga, from people who do not know me in person than on myspace and facebook by those who do. So you shouldn’t be surprised if you eventually get many more comments and replies on here than your other sites. I think it is because on blogging sites people usually like to read and on the other sites, well they are your friends but do not like to read that much, if at all really

  6. Hello Katy,

    I think your site is really nice and I love the new quote. Good choice.
    If I were going to be anything written a love letter would be it. 🙂
    Mother Theresa definitely said enough meaningful quotes to fill a book.
    If anything, I think pictures are a nice addition.

    • Thanks so much for the comment! I’m so glad you like my site. Yes, Mother Teresa said some amazing things.
      I do think pictures would be nice. I need to figure out how/what to add.
      Thanks for your input!

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