The last few days

Hey everyone, I haven’t gotten a chance to write much the last several days. Those days have been quite busy! If you have kept up with me on Twitter, you know that Wednesday-Friday I took over one of the girls’ homes at the children home I work at. So basically I got to be a “mother” for 7 girls for three days and two nights. It was awesome and crazy! Of course I see these girls almost every day so I know all of them well–and for the record, they are all amazing girls. I love each one of them. For these few days I got to live with them in their house, run them to school, pick up from school, cook for them, put them to bed, watch a movie with them, stuff like that. It was really great, although it’s definitely crazy keeping up with 7 girls (any time I went anywhere, all seven had to go with me) plus my regular duties of doing rec for the kids. And golly they get up early! I got up at 5:30 AM on Thursday morning and 5:00 on Friday (all the girls are usually up by 5:45 AM). I don’t know how they survive on that amount of sleep!

Friday I did afternoon rec. My boyfriend Dan came in that afternoon, and we had a good time together. That evening we went to the Little League game with a family I have babysat for since about 4 or more years. Their son is in Little League, so Dan and I joined them to watch the game. Their son scored the first run! We got to visit with them at their home later, playing Wii with their two children. It was a lot of fun! Dan and I ended the evening with ice cream and a movie (and is there really any better ending to a day? Well, perhaps, but it’s a close call).

Saturday we helped my sister move out of her dorm and stored stuff in my apartment’s extra room. It would have taken a lot more time without Dan to help move the big stuff like the refrigerator. Afterwards, Dan and I drove to Weatherford where we met up with his family that evening. I spent the night at his sister’s and went to church with his family that morning at the church Dan’s brother-in-law pastors. Then…I drove to Dallas to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day!! I got to visit with her and my dad as well as my grandparents. It ended up being a wonderful trip, and I loved having the time with my parents. We got to spend time talking as well as relaxing together. At one point I was eating pumpkin bread and watching Star Trek with my dad…a lovely little moment in life.Copy of erika headshot2

Just so you know, I have an amazing mother. She has been with me through so much, including weeks or months at hospitals or treatment centers when she watched me go through all sorts of things. But she was always strong for me, even when it was just us away from my dad and sister. She has listened and talked me through so much. She has been a loving example of a mother and wife. She is so loving and always giving. She will go out of her way for others and give till she has nothing left. She loves the Lord and dedicates her life to Him. If I could be half the woman my mother is, I would be proud. I love you, Mom.

So I drove back home from my parents’ today, and now I’m getting ready to start the rest of the week. I hope your week had just as wonderful a beginning as mine.

New piece of scratch fiction on my writing blog: Headache.


2 thoughts on “The last few days

  1. Hello,

    Wow. That was a tremendous amount of work you put into a few days!
    Growing up the oldest of five children I can imagine taking care of seven girls. That’s amazing.
    You and your mother sound like wonderful people.
    Keep up the good work. The world is definetly better for it. 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your comment! I can’t imagine growing up the oldest of five children…I was the oldest with one younger sister, and that was enough for me!
      Again, thank you for such a sweet comment. I glanced at your blog and loved what I saw. I will be coming back to read more in-depth and comment.
      Have a lovely day! 🙂

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