Scratch fiction

Encouraged by a friend named Ashley, whom I met on Twitter, I have begun writing attempts again. I discovered a new idea: scratch fiction. The idea is to take a topic (pick one yourself, get a friend to give you one), sit down, and start writing a piece of fiction on it. Take the topic and write a story around it, take the topic as a starting point for the rest of the story, however you want to do it. Then sit and write that story for 15 minutes. At the end of 15 minutes, stop. Don’t edit, don’t rewrite. That’s your piece of scratch fiction. If you want to come back and write more based off that, that’s fine. But that piece is done at 15 minutes.

I liked this idea. I had never done it before. I used to write short stories; I even started a “trilogy” when I was younger. I used to love writing. But I didn’t seem to have time to develop in depth plots and write out a story. So when I came across this idea, I liked it a lot. I just did my first piece of scratch fiction entitled “Friend Request.” It’s based on a girl who is lonely until one person follows her on Twitter. Nothing major or very good, but it was fun to write.

Just wanted to share that with you. Feel free to read over “Friend Request” on my writing blog, try out scratch fiction yourself, and/or move on to find a more interesting blog post.

Either way, I hope you are having a wonderful day.


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