A random blog with no particular purpose

I decided to compile a blog with a few random facts from my life lately.

I took the Myers-Briggs test on the FB MyType application. I tested out as INFJ, which I already suspected I might be. What I found out that was interesting was that it’s fairly rare — only 1% of people have this personality type. So now it has been confirmed: I am truly an oddball. 🙂

Secondly, I took another test that confirms I’m a weird mix of characteristics. I was helping out David for a course of his and took a career test that helps you look at your strengths/interests to pin-point careers that might be good for you. My result had only one career listed under it: nurse. Dang it. I don’t really want to be a nurse, although I had considered it in my mid-teens. I really wanted the one that said “amazing counselor” or “talented author,” but it didn’t quite happen. The other combination of my results also said I could be a sign-writer (by hand) or a singing messenger. I think I have a promising future. Or I just have a weird combination of characteristics. I’m trying to figure out if this is good or…just weird.

Third: took another online test, although this was just to test my WPM. I guesstimated it might be around 80. The test showed it as being around 95/WPM. I was surprised and actually kind of proud of myself.

I had five books from the library that were due yesterday. I turned them in today, so I owe the library fifty cents. I just finished “The Mummy Case” by Elizabeth Peters and now will read “The Preacher” by Darren Dillman.

I ate a lot of graham crackers tonight. Last night, I ate a lot of donuts. Even though–or because–I’m working out with Tae Kwon Do again, I should probably watch what I eat more.

Oooh! I recently got my new credit card in the mail after my old one got lost two weeks ago. I’m spoiled–it was hard living without a credit card, particularly with very little cash.

Well, I don’t want to make this random blog too long, so I will randomly end here. Unless I think of any more random facts to share before I do.

Nope. I think that’s it.

New poem on my writing blog today.

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